Why A Great Jurassic Park Game Would Be Really Great

Do a little research on the history of Jurassic Park games and you will come to find the same thing that I did in preparation for this article: it’s a spotty lineage at best. On top of that, their franchise hasn’t stuck its head into the gaming world in quite some time (minus the at best forgettable game of 2011 from Telltale. In light of this weekend’s release of Jurassic Park 3D, what’s a better time than now to mention that, somehow, a game in which you are running in constant terror from genetically engineered dinosaurs hasn’t made its way into the digital world of video games?

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crysister1711d ago

I would love to see this too!

Despair6661711d ago

throw in some open world with rpg elements and you have got yourself a winner

MariaHelFutura1711d ago

A "DayZ style" Jurassic Park would be great.

3-4-51710d ago

I want a JP game where you actually have to survive.

* Collect items and parts and wood and make a survival shelter.

* Open world is a must. The whole Island has to be open.

* Give us ways to move around EX: Let us discover/find/earn dirtbike, car, hangglider, parachute, raft, grapple hook ect.....

* Make dinos scary as hell and hard to kill, so it's realistic.

* Let us customize our park and let others visit once we have accomplished certain goals like making a part of the park safe enough for visitors.

* Let things that happen, remain happened...if that makes any in choices matter.

If I actually killed the T-rex in the area, that actually means there are less T-rex's in the area from that point on.....but let him be hard has hell to kill.

* Let us build traps and stuff to catch kill dinosaurs.

Upstate89871711d ago

definitely agreed with the open world. Open world on the original island! Can't go wrong!!

Muffins12231711d ago

crysis 1 + dinosaurs = epic

PopRocks3591711d ago

I wish they would put out the JP arcade games on one of the consoles. Those were awesome.

HmongAmerican1711d ago

Monster Hunter say Hi. Capcom just need to make a true next gen Monster Hunter game and there you have it. A bada** dinosaurs game to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.