Online Gaming: It’s Only fun if it’s Fair

Planet Ivy: If you’re a regular console gamer, it’s likely that you’ve ventured into the multiplayer world of games such as Halo, Call of Duty and Mass Effect. Many games now implement online multi-player capabilities to boost their playability and give us gamers more for our money. This is surely a good thing, but are the developers getting it right?

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crysister1839d ago

Being booted by more experienced players in Mass Effect 3 IS annoying

gorillabiscuits1839d ago

One of the few bad things about a near-perfect game though

appleandroid1839d ago

Yes! ME3 will be remembered as an all-time great game. I play 6 hours a day still..

therealmccoy1839d ago

Yeh-doesn't affect my enjoyment in any case

NeoTribe1838d ago

Lol near perfect my ass. Graphics suck and animation is some of the worst. Mass effect 3 almost kept me interested enough to beat it. The rpg elements are incredibly weak and choices hardly matter. So many better games than this.

3-4-51838d ago

I didn't even know ME3 had multiplayer.

Should probably go finish ME2 so I can get 3 and play that.

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stragomccloud1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I hated being booted in ME3!
I was N7 rank 2500 in the 360 version, but then I started playing on the PC, so of course my N7 rating started from 1 again. Just because my number was low I kept on being booted even though most of the people I played with were noobs compared to me.

I never boot a player until I see them in action, then I might boot if they are clearly not ready for a higher level match. But to boot without even giving someone a chance is just wrong and also mean.


the ability to boot players from ranked matches should be virtually non existent. perhaps a voting system could work, but ive seen so many games where gamertag and rank are displayed along with the option to boot. its unfair that the host could manipulate that aspect of a match.

Thepharaoh1839d ago

With this logic it's never fun

Thepharaoh1839d ago

t's a rae occasion that an online gaing experience is fair as there is always something that gives the other team an upper hand

MikeMyers1838d ago

"t's a rae occasion that an online gaing experience is fair as there is always something that gives the other team an upper hand"

That's called being better by being more organized and working together. It is unfair to put people in matches against better players, Halo tries to match players based on skill. Some games also have unbalanced weapons which is why they often 'nerf' them with updates.

appleandroid1839d ago

I see what you're saying, but gaming would be marginally "better" if games were on a level playing field

PopRocks3591839d ago

I imagine it's tough to find a true balance in any multiplayer game. Many games out there give newer, less skilled players an edge when more experienced players begin dominating multiplayer servers. This happens a lot in Smash Bros., Call of Duty and Gears of War.

therealmccoy1839d ago

This happens A LOT in COD from what I've found

Zha1tan1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You cannot balance skill, nor should you try to.

medman1838d ago

So your definition of skill is spending a whole lot of hours ranking up so you can dominate level 1 or level 2 new entrants? Hooray for you.

Typical-Guy1838d ago

That's why I don't play with random people.... I should at least have a friend I can rely on in my game!

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