Capcom Earns File Size Bump

From IGN,

"Both Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Bionic Commando Rearmed will exceed 150MB. Capcom said that Rearmed holds far too much content to fit the current limits. To meet standards, Rearmed would need to shed some of the bonus material that would still appear on the PlayStation Network and PC versions. According to Capcom, SFII could not run in 1080p if not for Microsoft loosening the file size cap."

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I Call 9MM3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Here is my honest opinion to what Microsoft should be doing to address their filesize concerns.

1 - "Release much higher capacity memory cards and bundle these cards with their Arcade models". Personally, I think the Arcade model is a bunch of crap, but it is probably here to stay so we'll have to deal with it. But why does it only come with a 256 megabyte memory card? I've seen 1 and 2 gigabyte SD cards on sale for like 15 dollars, with 4 gig cards costing around 30-40 dollars. And they only include a 256 MB card, for shame. Heck, I've even seen 16 gigabyte USB stick go for only about 80 dollars (on sale). That's almost as much data as the current 20 gig hard drives let you hold.

Microsoft, either start releasing bigger memory cards at a fair price or let us use our own third party solutions, either USB sticks, USB to [favorite style memory card] adapter devices, or release some kind of 360 memory card slot to SD card adapter.

2. Bigger, and cheaper hard drives.
There is no question that Microsoft has been overcharged for their mememory devices for a long time. We all no what PC hard drives really cost, so there is no fooling us. It's time to release a few larger then 20 gigabyte and cheaper hard drive solutions. Something around 60 to 80 gigs should be the low end solution. Not 40 gigs, at least 60 gigs. You want people to start renting movies and downloading content, we need at least 60 gigs. Now, mid range solution should be the 120-160 gig range. Little pricier, but more space available to those of us who need it. And finally, release something in the 200-250 gig range. These would definately be pricy, but for those of us who really need that much space, it would be an option.

3. Third party memory options

We should be able to install our own memory solutions if we so choose to. USB hard drives, USB sticks, etc... I have one option. Release a pass through cradle style accessory that allows the user to install their own SATA style 2.5 inch drive into a cradle that would sit under the current hard drive. A pass through option would pass the current hard drive's connectors down to the original connector in the 360, while the new hard drive could be connected to the rear USB port (you can't connect two devices to a single SATA port I do believe). So, the user doesn't loose their current hard drive but the get to expand the total memory available by incorporating a second drive of their choice. And it doesn't have to be lying around half hazardly like the HD-DVD drive did. Done and done. Everyone is happy. Microsoft makes money off of current hard drives and sale of cradle, users get the space they need.

Oh, and the cradle comes with a USB splitter for those with the WiFi dongle.

Blademask3925d ago

When has MS ever been about what the consumer wants?

I Call 9MM3925d ago

Less profit made on hardware sales may, however, help to increase digital download sales. It costs money to make money.

Personally, I don't use the movie rental services because (well, it costs too much in Canada for some reason also but) because I really have no room left on my 20 gig hard drive. I don't store music on it, (I stream that from my PC to save space), and I don't keep demos on it either since that takes up space. A few downloads from GRAW 2 here and there, some Rainbow Six Vegas etc... etc..., all those content packs take up quite a bit of room. If I could move them to a USB stick or something that would be fine, but I'm not going to delete and redownload them just to watch movies, fat chance.

Dlacy13g3925d ago

Yes they need their memory peripherals to get a lot cheaper...and bigger imo. So release a 60GB, keep the 120GB and maybe offer a 240GB...but I think that would be more than enough given the current makeup of LIVE and the content you can get and actually "keep" on the drive.

That said, they also should be reducing the Pro sku by more than $50... basically if you look at the differnce in cost of the Arcade and the Pro sku...and honestly the elite for that fact...its just the HDD inclusion. The 20GB HDD costs $100 because the price difference between Arcade and Pro is $80 basically. If the arcade is cheaper to buy and just add a HDD then the value of the Pro sku starts to diminish quickly. MS should be reducing the Pro and elite at a larger amount than the arcade...thus allowing the add-on HDD to be lessened in cost as well.

As long as MS continues to cut costs across the board by $50 we will never see the cost of the HDD drop. Its the fundemental flaw in the pricing structure that MS set up to begin with.

nitramn4g3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

should give the 360 the abality to plug an external harddrive via usb2. But for movies, is it streamed? My local cable companie gives me downloadable movies without the need for a harddrive. I can fast foward, rewind, everything a dvd can do.

I Call 9MM3925d ago

Your local cable company has the bandwidth to push those movies through in real time. Microsoft can't do it because they don't have the bandwidth available over standard internet lines. Unless they really crammed it down in quality. You have to be able to download the movies, it just wouldn't work any other way at this point. My television company uses a high bandwidth DSL line to deliver on demand movies, and it comes through the standard phone line (neat eh), but my internet line is still slow in comparison (not that it is slow per say, but I wouldn't be streaming no movies in real time without lots of buffering first).

I think Microsoft wants to be able to do on demand stuff, but they need to partner with local services to use the 360 as a set top box. Which would be fine by me, there is a lot more horsepower in the 360 then your standard cable box. Whether it could run 24 hours a day, that is a different question entirely (my guess is no, unless you want to risk a RROD). So, for now, we need HDDs.

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I Call 9MM3925d ago

At least it's nice to know that us 360 owners won't be getting gimped versions of these two games when they ship. Hopefully, we will get to see XBLA filesize restrictions disappear altogether in the future. Bring on the larger capacity drives Microsoft.

DarkSniper3925d ago

Once again. Microslaves will receive a gimped version of Super Street Fighter. On top of that, in order to purchase the game, each Microslave will have to overpay funds to get enough Microsoft points into their account. Truly they have mastered the art of making their customers P A Y B 3 Y O N D

Dark Sniper knows which version he's getting.


v1c1ous3925d ago

the article says that the file limit on 360 will be bumped so that all versions are equal.

but my guess is that

1) you only read the excerpt and not the article itself
2) you lack reading comprehension

but why am i explaining to you? you will still post fanboy dribble anyways :)

DarkSniper3925d ago

Reading a previous article, it stated that Capcom had to take a redirection of their art form. They are no longer using the HD sprites that were originally intended. Which is what caused the delay. In order to use those sprites, you would need to exceed the limit that Microsoft provided. But in order to appease all parties, Capcom simply reduced all sprites in order to ensure that both consoles are equal.

Xbox 360 is at fault of this. Instead, they should focus their time on making garbage games that match the image of their garbage console. Here's hopes to an online remake of Rise of The Robots coming to XBLA.


DarkSniper3925d ago

Reported as offensive. Personally offending a fellow N4G member is prohibited within N4G rules and guidelines. Being disrespectful to one another is not allowed.

Sony Snipers, please ensure that his comment is reported as offensive.

LJWooly3925d ago

Mybe he is a Sony fanboy, POG, but how is that any worse than being a Microsoft fanboy?

At least the guy has a sense of humour. You should try getting one, they're great.

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urban bohemian3925d ago

Guess everyone expected that though?

wicked3925d ago

The limit was only on XBLA games and not DLC

I Call 9MM3925d ago

Much DLC on the 360 can reach nearly a gigabyte, sometimes more even. All of those GRAW 2 downloads and R6V downloads take up a ton of HD space. Nope, just XBLA games had the problem, hopefully now this means it is all but gone.

IBLEEDBLU3925d ago

DVD9 doesnt have the space there4 dev need to compress info

all these add-ons like WiFi - wireless controller etc etc

and now HD space cap...$50 for great games....

man just buy a ps3..problem solved

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