Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack of Backward Compatibility

Push Square: "There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 is exciting for all sorts of reasons, but the next generation system’s lack of backward compatibility remains one of its biggest blemishes. While the manufacturer has promised to explore other methods of legacy support through Gaikai, the fact remains that your entire PlayStation 3 catalogue may never be supported by the impending machine. This, according to system architect Mark Cerny, was a subject that the entire company agonised over."

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iGAM3R-VIII1597d ago

I thought it had bc through Gaikai

Baka-akaB1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Most likely ,but it's not detailed yet . But do you expect say Tekken tag 2 or killzone 2 to stream painlessly with online play ?

Do you expect every ps3 game to be made available at all , or swiftly on gaikai ?

What about the cost ? Is it free via psn+ subscriptions , or do each game cost an extra ? Or you get a limited amount before being charged extra ?

We dont know

flyingmunky1597d ago

I personally believe it would be most fair to let you play the games you already own. For example, if you put Uncharted 3 in the console you should be able to stream that game from Gaikai for free.

Then again, bandwidth and hosting does cost money so Sony may require some fees in order to be able to do that. I just hope that the new console can use software emulation for both ps1 and ps2 games, it certainly has the power to do so.

That should all be answered at E3, it is going to be a big ass conference I wish I could go.

GameNameFame1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

"But do you expect say Tekken tag 2 or killzone 2 to stream painlessly with online play?"

Easily. if you understand how the tech works. It even offers some advantages since it is hosted in the centralized location.

cayleee1597d ago

Its amazing how many people are whining about Bc yet are unwilling to do anything about it. Get a Pc for multiplats and a console for exclusives. Problem solved.

90% games are multiplat anyways. Buying them on Pc ensures BC and cheaper cost. Since PC has no gens BC is never a problem. No longer have to worry about not being able to play games you bought for thousands of usds.

I have over 150 games on steam no issues over not being able to play them ever. Mean while I can buy exclusives on console that way I dont lose my entire lib every time a new gen hits.

USMC_POLICE1597d ago

No I can't even play spyro on Ps vita or download granturismo PSP that I paid for.

nix1597d ago

as much as i didn't give much about backward compatibility, my PS3 died on me yesterday. now i'm in a dilema to whether buy a PS3 or wait for 6 months until PS4 comes out...

now i wished PS4 supported backward compatibility because i could skip buying PS3... i guess i'll see if i can hold out. lol. i guess for now Vita should keep me busy for a while.

BattleAxe1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I think Sony should produce a more expensive console that has the cell processor inside to give people the option in addition to the regular PS4. Otherwise, you should be able to play all of the games that you have downloaded from the Playstation store through GaiKai.

If all you have are physical copies of games, then at least you are able to re-sell those games to get some money back out of it unlike people who have invested in digital downloads.

miyamoto1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

What i do know is that the PS3 will still be around many years (3-6 years) within the PS4 life cycle like the PS2 did during the PS3's.

Which is very good as PS3 could be available down to $149 to as low as $99 during PS4's lifetime.

I believe this is the most economical answer & solution to BC issue.

And if that is not enough Gaikai will be available on both PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

Sony has made the right decision to stop this problem once and for all so it can start on a clean slate for future BC on future PlayStation consoles.

N4Flamers1597d ago

What do people do with their consoles? I can understand if it breaks on you but barring that i dont have a reason to just get rid of my ps3. If its a matter of if you can afford it or not then just save up. You dont have to buy a console at launch.

Baka-akaB1597d ago

Yeah either i aways keep my consoles

kreate1597d ago

BC should of been addressed when Nintendo failed to make the super Nintendo BC w Nintendo.

In sony's case, it should of been addressed when ps3 dropped the BC.

Nextbox probably wont have BC either.

Its something sony offered. Gamers failed to appreciate it when it was there.

wishingW3L1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@kreate very true. Too bad those 60GB PS3 are so unreliable though and now they are really expensive through Amazon. ;(

People gave the middle finger to gaming history just to save on a couple of bucks. Not even worth it because Sony said that the PS2 chip on the PS3 was pretty cheap but that they did some surveys and most people said that they didn't care for BC so they removed it. What a mistake, the masses always making the most retarded choices.

iamtehpwn1597d ago

Backwards compatibility through Gaikai was actually a really smart decision. Coding a Cell processor emulator would be hard as hell and extremely difficult to perfect--and then for PS5 they'd have to do the do the process all over again for PS1-4. With Gaikai/Cloud processing, They will be able to offer PS1-3 games in full quality with no emulation quirks for PSVita, PS4, Sony Tablets and Phones as well as PS5 and beyond without increasing the cost of PS4 or any console after it.

If you think about BC via Gaikai, it's rather genius for cross compatibility and cost efficiency.

Bathyj1597d ago

60gbs are unreliable?
Don't say that, mine is sitting right next to me, it will hear you.

I wonder if its possible to make an add on you can buy separately. Wont drive the price of the console up but its there for people who want bc.

That or just price drop the hell out of ps3.

profgerbik1597d ago

"do you expect say Tekken tag 2 or killzone 2 to stream painlessly with online play ?"

If OnLive can, Gaikai can do it better.

Baka-akaB1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Except Onlive didnt . Fighting games didnt run smoothly .

Now i can't knock gaikai yet , i'm just asking myself and others , without yet answers and more details to turns to

turnerdc1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

What are you talking about Baka? I have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on OnLive and it runs great.Check these videos of it being played on OnLive:

NukaCola1597d ago

PS Plus should have an lonine library like SEGA Channel did but with last gen and before's games. I would pay $5-10 to get access or better yet, be able to stream all those games for a price. I could see them doing something like microsubscriptions, like an $15-20 bucks for a year of PLAYSTATION LIBRARY APP pending your a PSN or PS+ member.

Baka-akaB1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Meh your videos shows nothing . There was definitively lag back when it released , too much for the non casual Street fighter 4 players .

And no it wasnt just about my connexion , a good chunk of us were curious when Onlive actually had hype behind it and the Fighting game community tried it .

sikbeta1597d ago

BC over Gaikai is going to be a challenge I really want to see, streaming games over 25GB = UC2+UC3+GOW3... it's going to be impossible unless your ISP is like 100mb/s or something...

jcnba281596d ago

I agree, no BC was a deal breaker for me.

turnerdc1596d ago

Say what you want Baka but (speaking from personal experience) it runs great for me and many others. If it's not running "smoothly" then it probably was your connection. Maybe latency issues caused by a firewall or your distance from their servers.

Saigon1596d ago

I am trying to understand this and I hope someone can help.

Why is everyone giving the Gaikai service that PS4 is going to offer the middle finger?

I guess i ask because I see nothing of people praising the service, saying it was a good move and they have a high level of disagrees applied. Why? Why do you disagree? i hate when people do that on this site.

i guess I am a little peeved because we yet to have seen the capabilities of the services and everyone is judging. Granted OnLive was not successful, but they haven't had the backing of a company like Sony or even MS. From what I heard the service was OK but I heard the Gaikai service was a little better, though this means nothing. The biggest problem, I have is that this is mainly for BC games. i mean, is there anyone out there that still play PS2 games on their PS3, via original PS2 disk, download from PSN, or remastered PS3 version.

When the PS4 comes out if there are no games that suit my interest, I will find my self playing some PS3 games via the Gaikai Service but that will be a hard stretch since we are going to see several exclusives plus a multiple number of multi-plat titles that will release at the same time. Besides Watch Dog, i expect a PS4 and Next Xbox version of GTA5, all EA sports games and many other games that are announced for this winter.

I blame BC on Sony, the spoiled us gamers...

Baka-akaB1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )


Let's just agree to disagree , especially when i right of the gate told you it wasnt a connexion issue .

Since you wanna post useless video , i can give you one too where lag is apparent

And then i'm done on the subject , like i said i was hardly the only one guy trying it .

The tech is maybe neat for some games , but got its limits for some genres

turnerdc1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

And therein lies the issue Baka. OnLive is a variable experience. You can't say that it "doesn't work" because your experience wasn't great when you have other people (like me and many others) saying that it works just fine. You're making quite the generalization. It does work IF your latency with their servers is good. While you say it's not your connection there's no way to be a hundred percent sure. If you checked out the videos I posted the players stated that it felt like playing local and the button presses felt instantaneous to them. I'll agree that it does just didn't work for you.

Baka-akaB1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I keep telling you i wasnt the one or only one concerned ,and didnt claimed it doesnt work .

I dont feel like sharing my details with you , i just indeed know that my connexion and its musing with the server isnt the issue here . I could even confirm it at my work's office (A bloody ISP's main office to boot) . Trust it or dont , but i'll remain adamant on this .

And this isnt about me . You keep telling me about those "many" users with great experience . For starters i doubt it was that "many" as onlive itself didnt manage a big following thus far , and when its doubtful a big chunk of it even bothered with fighting games .

Meanwhile , i do know and saw multiples tentatives and trials from curious onlookers from some of the proeminant fighting games , stret fighter specialized sites and community . Some with measurement as accurate as possible within parameters ... and the consensus was that there is some lag in most cases .

Its degree varies , but while playable it certainly is a bother for most non casual Steeet fighter 4 players that tried thus far .

it's hardly just me speaking as some fool disgruntled by his wn experience with Onlive . But take it with a grain of salt obviously as you wish

Again where is even the onlive fighting game community to show otherwise ?

Let's just once and for all agree to disagree , fresh out of bubbles anyway . Of course i'm going to trust my experiences and those from fellow fighting games fanatics , over guys from the Onlivefans forum (when do they ever complain about anything onlive anyway ?) , among other things . I'm talking about a bunch of folks , myself included , that are an*l retentive over stuff like screens input lags among over things

What i'll concede is that most of those trials were done at the launch of the game

turnerdc1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

"Except Onlive didnt . Fighting games didnt run smoothly ."

So now I'm a bit confused. You start off saying that OnLive doesn't run fighting games smoothly and now you're saying that the experience varies with it being playable and not being a bother to casual players (which makes up the VAST majority of console players now days). Basically you're agreeing with what I've been saying all along. It's a variable experience that is definitely playable under good circumstances with the lag only being a bother/noticeable to the more veteran/dedicated fighting game fans. Oh, and I haven't seen that kind of mentality over at OnLiveFans in a looooooooong time. I think everyone over there knows OnLive isn't perfect. Hell, there are many problems I find with OnLive (mostly with game selection and community outreach) but supposedly they've been hard at work fixing these with OnLive 2.0. I've actually been avoiding OnLiveFans the past 6 months because of all the negativity over there (mostly due to the company crisis it recently faced) but with the recent rumblings coming from OnLive HQ things seem like they might be finally coming around. In the end, I'm just a game player (have been for the past 18 some odd years) and I like all platforms (including OnLive). I'm not saying fighting games on OnLive work ALL the time for EVERYONE, I'm just saying that it does indeed work. It's definitely possible for Sony to provide a comparable if not better experience through Gaikai.

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NeverEnding19891597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

SONY better continue thinking hard about the issue. Many, many people will refuse to buy the PS4 if there is no BC. At the very least, many people won't buy day 1 like they originally planned. Need proof? Look below and on any other article regarding PS4 BC.

Gaikai is great. But I am NOT buying my PS3 games again. If SONY refuses to support the games I bought from them on their new system, I will no longer support them. You can't abandon your core audience like that and expect them to just buy the games again via Gaikai. Who do these guys think they are?

SONY didn't have full BC this gen and as a result 50 million PS2 owners crossed the floor to Xbox and Wii. If SONY doesn't want another 50 million fans to abandon them, I think they will revise their plan.

coolbeans1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

"SONY didn't have full BC this gen..."

Actually, they did in one case. It was just unfortunately only tied into the 60GB phat PS3 model that's been discontinued for a long time now.

Edit: At least, that's the only one I remember.

4lc4pon31597d ago Show
flyingmunky1597d ago

Based on your comments I doubt you have very many (if any) ps3 games to rebuy. I guess you are trying to speak to the general public who actually likes the ps3? You certainly don't speak for me...

Monkeysmarts1597d ago

If you don't want to rebuy your PS3 games then keep your PS3.

IRetrouk1597d ago

Funny thing is bc was never a feature of any console before sony did it with the ps2, now suddenly its a must, you know the 360 doesnt have full bc either dont you? I dont care about bc, didnt use it on ps2 or my 60 gig ps3, once the ps4 comes out im not gonna play too many ps3 games, plus for the few exclusives that come out for it my ps3 will be right there just like my ps2 and ps1 was, its not a problem and i dont think it will stop many people from buying the ps4, didnt stop peps buying the ps3 did it? I mean you have made it clear that you dont really like playstation so why keep coming and spewing crap?