Activision's Next-Generation Characters Presentation From GDC2013

DSOGaming writes: "Our friends over at have posted a video from Activision's GDC 2013 presentation, in which the company showed off its next-generation characters. In short, this presentation shows what we can expect in the coming years (regarding photo-realistic game characters), and what next-generation characters might look like. Enjoy!"

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Sandmano1959d ago

Yeah it's going to look that good / rolls eyes

ATi_Elite1959d ago

and yet they will make the same ole linear boring lame A.I. games.

Don't understand all the emphasis as of late on facial rendering when most games never zoom in that close to see those details.

seems more or less something for movie/tv animation than video games.

Summons751959d ago

XD the day call of duty looks like that is the day I will actually buy the game again. Has anyone seen Blops 2? COD 2 looks better then that cardboard piece of copy/paste

NYC_Gamer1959d ago

I guess COD will finally move past the stone age graphics wise

thechosenone1959d ago

how many freakin' times are we going to see this footage?

john21959d ago

This is the whole GDC2013 presentation which wasn't released as of yet. It may not interest you but I bet a lot wanted to see the whole thing

thechosenone1959d ago

didn't realize that my bad.

venom061959d ago

please stop posting these stupid images over anxious CoD fanboys... there's NO WAY in hell this realistic will ever be used for the arcadey, cartoonish, unrealistinc, slap-stick gameplay of Call of Duty. Because that's what people buy it for, it's arcadey, cartoonish, unrealistinc, slap-stick gameplay.

1959d ago
zbg316101959d ago

Person with a brain detected

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