Mind Blown: Video Game Characters in Real Life

GR - "An amazing gallery of video game characters compared to their real life counter-parts."

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gameseveryday1596d ago

Here's another one - [Tidus and Gackt - FF X]

Pozzle1596d ago

Gackt and most Final Fantasy characters...


HmongAmerican1596d ago

dam, mind blown. indeed. Thanks I just save that picture as image.

Tiqila1595d ago

the real life counterpart of squall looks like a girl (or a tranny)

Pozzle1595d ago

@Tiqila: They're all the same person. And he's dressed in visual-kei get-up in the pic next to Squall so the 'looking like a girl' part is intentional.

Although...this is Gackt we're talking about. He pretty much dresses and looks as batshit crazy as he possibly can at all times. lol

1596d ago
coolmast3r1596d ago

I loll'd when I saw headcrab =D

jaredhart1596d ago

Yeah, an instant classic.

pbasson1596d ago

That is bare jokes. I did not know that many people where character models. I think the first max payne looked the best.

LOL_WUT1596d ago

Lol @ Niko and fat Tony also Sasha Grey... ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.