Mind Blown: Video Game Characters in Real Life

GR - "An amazing gallery of video game characters compared to their real life counter-parts."

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Rashid Sayed1342d ago

Here's another one - [Tidus and Gackt - FF X]

Pozzle1342d ago

Gackt and most Final Fantasy characters...


HmongAmerican1342d ago

dam, mind blown. indeed. Thanks I just save that picture as image.

Tiqila1341d ago

the real life counterpart of squall looks like a girl (or a tranny)

Pozzle1341d ago

@Tiqila: They're all the same person. And he's dressed in visual-kei get-up in the pic next to Squall so the 'looking like a girl' part is intentional.

Although...this is Gackt we're talking about. He pretty much dresses and looks as batshit crazy as he possibly can at all times. lol

aida11hu1342d ago Show
coolmast3r1342d ago

I loll'd when I saw headcrab =D

jaredhart1342d ago

Yeah, an instant classic.

pbasson1342d ago

That is bare jokes. I did not know that many people where character models. I think the first max payne looked the best.

LOL_WUT1342d ago

Lol @ Niko and fat Tony also Sasha Grey... ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.