Can you play videogames for 48 hours straight?

Sometimes callings in the name of videogame journalism are less salubrious, and more borne out of "What if...?" leaps of curiosity. Such is the case with Graham Smith, writer with PC Gamer UK and brave adventurer into the hinterlands of gaming culture, as he attempts to go a whole 48 hours of gaming without any shut-eye. Whatsoever.

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BigKev453690d ago

No & it means you have no life.

mintaro3690d ago

defenitley no, but best of luck to him

Breakfast3690d ago

Can you imagine how much his eyes would hurt...or how red theyd be. Im guessing he'd scratch his eyes out before hitting 48 hours

mintaro3690d ago

id be more worried about carpel tunnel

"quick we need bengay!"

Breakfast3690d ago

hahaha...lets just pray the dude doesnt have any lingering effects after; the 48 hours.

Lotto3690d ago

Pfff I done that a few of times at lan partys and once at home when I got a hold of TES 4

skynidas3690d ago

I just cant do that 48 hours straight is too much

Syko3690d ago

Did it numerous times during Summer vacation as a kid on the SNES. Me and my buddy even found some of his mom's no-dose one time and took them so we could power level on Final Fantasy III. Probably only made it 35-40 or so, still could of went for it if we had a reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.