Build a Gaming PC Under 500 for Battlefield 3

You’re broke. You want to play Battlefield 3, but your current computer can barely run Battlefield 1942. You could get it on console (meh) or you could rob a bank. You can also follow this DIY guide and build a gaming PC under 500.

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M-M1842d ago ShowReplies(3)
PCGamerHub1842d ago

can PS do BF ?? any teamplay??

not for me, thx


cleft51842d ago

I wouldn't spend $500 to play Bf3, but thats just me.

Fishy Fingers1842d ago

True, but the rumour on the street is a PC can also do a few other bits and bobs you may find useful.

cleft51842d ago

We are only talking about building a PC for BF3. I am not into the series enough to build a PC for it.

Marcello1842d ago

This is actually very expensive, for your 500 you will be able to up some eye candy but you will stuck at 30fps if want to play smooth or you leave it on the same settings as xbox360/PS3 & play @60fps but is 500 then worth it for just double the fps ?? especially when you can get a console nowadays for 150.

PCGamerHub1842d ago

best game so far, but yes, tastes are different :)

Ryder491842d ago

I personally enjoy Bad Company 2 more than Battlefield 3. But it's all just a matter of opinion.

urwifeminder1842d ago

I spent $2.500 very happy pc is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.