Adam Orth, Microsoft Creative Director Deletes LinkedIn Account writes: "Adam Orth, a Microsoft Games Studios creative director who caused a massive row on Twitter, Neogaf and several other gaming websites when he dismissed ‘Always Online’ DRM as a major issue in gaming, has now not only protected his tweets on Twitter, but has also removed his account from the professional network, LinkedIn. Orth’s profile, which appears to have been removed in the last few days at most, linked the man to Microsoft, which is probably why it has now been removed."

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Pushagree1868d ago

Clearly trying to damage control the situation. Pretend he doesn't exist and soon enough he won't according to Microsoft.

RyuCloudStrife1868d ago

next move, live under a rock.

aCasualGamer1868d ago

You know, i'm starting to think maybe Microsoft won't release an "always online" system integration in their next console. Why?

Because a company that big, with all that money and all those investors... Would they really be that naive to think it will stop piracy? Piracy which is pretty much non existent on consoles. They would hurt so many sales of the consoles, even if it did stop piracy all together, they would loose money on it. So, there is no logic to it. It would be mind-numbingly illogical.

I just don't see it. So what is all the fuss about then on the debug units? I think it's probably to keep someone from opening and disecting the units or even steal them? I don't know, but come E3.. either Microsoft is neutral again or they will loose the console war before it has even started.

Muffins12231868d ago

I see you took Spongebob's strategy when he tryed to get away from Sandy..

MikeMyers1868d ago

Not sure if they should fire the guy. He didn't mention the new Xbox did he?

NukaCola1868d ago

The account just doesn't show up because he must of lost an internet connection for more than 3 minutes.

This is either the biggest mistake MS could ever make or the greatest trolling. They say no publicity is bad publicity, but I can't see anything good that comes out of this.

crxss1868d ago

i LOVE the memes going around about this guy. i hope they keep coming

Reverent1868d ago

#1. Rule of the internet... Don't be an ignorant douche bag.

Well, it might not be #1, but it's definitely up there.

GenericNameHere1868d ago

So... it's perfectly fine to say he was an idiot for undermining the importance of not having DRM, blabber we his mouth, told people to "Deal With It", and is now getting fired by Microsoft... And to put the cherry on top, is now an "Unknown" guy according to MS??

Should have followed rule 101 of online business... Always watch what you post.

BrianC62341868d ago

Did he get fired or do you just assume that? He should at least get reprimanded. I'm not sure he did anything to get fired over unless he violated a Microsoft policy and they want to get rid of him.

GenericNameHere1868d ago

Lol if a major MS exec fails to acknowledge one of their creative directors, and MS themselves have to speak up to prevent more blabber by the guy, AND this guy goes on to delete his social things, we can more than assume that this guy's career is in DEEP DOO-DOO, and is probably fired right now (or REALLY close to getting fired)

BrianC62341868d ago

Maybe Microsoft will just hide him a while and hope it settles down. I don't know a thing about him. Is he at least good at his job?

Tultras1868d ago

I doubt he got fired, like you said he needs to violate a policy, companies can't just fire people depending on their mood.

Like Microsofts statement and common sense directs, the guy stated his personal opinion, he doesn't represent Microsoft.

rainslacker1868d ago

Most companies as big as MS do have a code of ethics. They don't outright restrict you from voicing your opinion, but they usually won't allow you to speak in a manner that belittles the consumer or behave in a way that is demeaning to the company or others.

This guy was known as a MS Creative director, and his Twitter profile stated as much. As soon as he associated himself with MS, he is bound to behave in a professional manner. If nowhere on the net did he let his allegiance be known, then he could have said whatever he wanted.

That being said, most of these policies are pretty broad, and are made up so the company can fire someone if they believe they have cause. It's there to protect the company.

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Soldierone1868d ago

Hahahahaha! I would love to see him act like a hardarse now!

Ezz20131868d ago

MS cut the electricity off him so he can't turn on the vacuum and can't turn on the internet

clintos591868d ago

I found it funny that microsoft acting like they didnt know him hahaha.

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