New Haze PS3 Screenshots -- In-Game has five new screenshots of Ubisoft's PS3-exclusive FPS Haze. These are actually in-game, too.

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crunchie1013689d ago

These are looking pretty sharp, providing the nice motion blur is in fact in the game and these screens haven't been doctored.

sonarus3689d ago

looks nice could be touched up

TheExecutive3689d ago

i am sure it looks better in motion... i hope?

Gandhi693689d ago


Those screens may beat Killzone or Crysis as the best looking FPS I've ever seen...

Violater3689d ago

Why people are arguing about whether it is in game and the possibility of full screen anti-aliasing is beyond me. These things and more have been shown in games from last year people.
Please stop letting your console of choice cloud your judgment.

Spydr073689d ago

Then you've obviously never seen Crysis ran on the highest settings. This doesn't touch Crysis.

Grahammad3689d ago

To Gandhi69 - I really, really have to disagree with you there on both counts. That said, they are still looking very good, and knowing Free Radical, this game with be lots of fun.

f7ss13688d ago

these screens look amazing, but i think the real catch is that they were mentioned to be high resolution screens. which might be the reason why they look so good. other then that it looks like all this extra time has been very nice to the games overall look of the game, definet buy for me

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Blademask3689d ago

These are bullshots which are either pre rendered, or the engine settings CRANKED for these stills.

Same with the motion blur samples.

Dont' expect anything this good from the ps3(yet)

Maybe the game runs 720p @ 4xAA but thats still pretty clean for 4x?

VaeVictus3689d ago

that Sony was making this game. I thought it was Free Radical. /sarcasm

Perkel3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

nope, 1080p glory ^^ It's confirmed that Haze will be 1080p :) (edit: By radical)

Mu5afir3689d ago

We already know the Ps3 can do better, with games like Uncharted / Heavenly Sword. This constant nagging of Ps3 cant do what it has ALREADY SHOWN / DONE is kind of irrating. Stop living in 2007, it's 2008 now.

Blademask3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

1080p with this level of Anti Aliasing running on a PS3 is impossible. I'll buy both of you copies if the real game comes out to be true like this.


As in the Development for the PS3 isn't matured yet. 1080p and AntiAlaising at these levels is impossible. I'll eat crow if its real. Uncharted is amazing, as is GT5p. But even Gt5p's in game isn't this AA heavy.

pwnsause3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

well thats what happens when you delay it for months you get a 90X anti-aliasing /sarcasm. no seriously, thats what happens when you delay it, they have more time to make the game look better. BTW did free radical actually confirmed that this game will get 1080p? if so, even better.

moses3689d ago

If it's 1080P, then why are these "in-game" screenshots at 720P?

Perkel3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Blademask see: --- Lair 1080p game without AA and it's super sharp without ugly squares. Add only 2x And here you go Haze ^^. By the way these screens are downscaled from 1080p to 720 so u will see no ugly squares without even AA :)

BTW2 GT5 prologue isn't full 1080p it's H upscaled and this generates ugly squares. If game will be at full 1080p (1920x1080) it's hardly to see any ugly squares even without AA (see Lair again ^^)

@ moses

because game looks better if u downscale image (like GTPrologue shoots :) )

sonarus3689d ago

lol i didnt here it will be 1080p but i still think these screen shots are touched up a bit. It happens more often than not so it wouldn't be a suprise

Blademask3689d ago

I am the biggest sony fanboy here...

LAIR had jaggies.

These Haze screens have 0 jaggies, even in the texture maps. Guys, these are bullshots.

Yes the game will look close, but the AA levels are way too high.

moses3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Many textures ARE stretched. :|

@ Perkel How would a game look better if you downscale it unless it's originally upscaled? That makes no sense, if it's a higher resolution it's going to look better.

But if you take a photo, it's native size will look the best, problem with camera phones is they jack up the resolution so the picture looks bigger. If you have a still screen of a game, it's native resolution will look best no matter what, unless you're sacrificing the resolution for higher AA.

Perkel3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Blademask i'm not a fanboy (so as u i think)

but downscale full 1080p picture, with only 2AA to 720 and there u go. Picture without jiggles :) Lair has jiggles ofcourse but hardly to see.

@ moses

yeah textures aren't best.. :) elbow roxs ;) But overall it will be like Call od Duty 4 (terrible textures in close up) and everybody don't even notice it :)

@ moses about jiggles. Take a picture by u phone camera and downscale it twice (for eg. from 1000x1000 to 500x500pix) picture is overall better but smaller. It's same idea :)

BTW smoke and dust are awasome :)

Violater3689d ago

If this were a Multi platform title would we be having this discussion.
Also guys a think some of you could benefit from reading and comprehending each others comments before replying.

TheSadTruth3689d ago

"2 - Yes they are looking sharp, I guess SONY is discovered a new method of doing 90xAnti Aliasing?
These are bullshots which are either pre rendered, or the engine settings CRANKED for these stills.

Same with the motion blur samples.

Dont' expect anything this good from the ps3(yet)

Maybe the game runs 720p @ 4xAA but thats still pretty clean for 4x?

These graphics don't even look that good. Sure they are sharp but other than that they are not impressive. Killzone 2 shots from last year look far more impressive.. I am very underwhelmed.

INehalemEXI3689d ago

This level of AA is the same as Warhawk no biggy its been done before. It is quite nice though.

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kingOVsticks3689d ago

those screen shots look good to me especially the fourth one thats going to be fun. Why oh why didn't come out this month or the next it just has to be may oh well i'll still pick it up

ascendantofrain3689d ago

If this game had come out this month or last month, it definitely would NOT be looking this good....they can take all the time in the world that they need to enhance this game. It is going to kick!

Iamback3689d ago

This game looks and sounds very promising no matter what haters have to say.