Rumour: Free Dev Kits for Third-Parties, Wii U Getting More Support

Nintendo are rumoured to be giving Wii U dev kit’s to third parties free of charge.

Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid has revealed to the Twitterverse than Nintendo may be handing our more than one Wii U dev kit free of charge.

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Rrobba1710d ago

This could be an effective tactic, especially for encouraging smaller developers to bring third-party multiplats to the Wii U.

Good move if true, Nintendo.

iGAM3R-VIII1710d ago

Agreed, it is nice to see Nintendo doing this, they could be preparing for E3 as well and trying to put out some new exclusives

AZWification21710d ago

I hope they are doing something.

Winter47th1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

You DO realize that a dev kit costs $4,000 right? Any video game company worth its salt should have gotten one before launch. The only ones who will benifit from this are indie developers and even they are screwed with how horrible Wii U's network is.

So no, not really. No one will benefit from this. They're beating on a dead horse.

Besides, this only shows how DESPERATE Nintendo is.

dcbronco1710d ago

Downside is that it doesn't get any more desperate than that.

iGAM3R-VIII1710d ago

@Winter47th I see you copied that exact comment from the comment section i this article and the funny thing is is that it too has more disagrees than agrees. Nintendo are not that desperate because if they were they would of given it to EVERY company but they gave it to SELECT companies.

"No one will benefit from this."

The people who own the Wii U so they get more games and Nintendo because they publish more games and have more games for E3 and the developers because they get a free expensive dev kit

blackbeld1710d ago

Agree great move from Nintendo.

Now I Will try to make some Nintendo games too.

Really Nice great tactics.

LOL_WUT1710d ago

Agreed, a little desperate but, a good move nonetheless. ;)

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AZWification21710d ago

@Winter47th Other mindless hater. What a surprise. Indie devs are HAPPY with the Wii U, because the eShop gives a lot of attention to indie games and also Nintendo doesn't charge devs to patch games. The only console that can somehow reach the Wii U in terms of indie devs is the PS4.

Tultras1710d ago

No, this won't help anyone, I mean sure, more games for the wii U, but the WiiU owners and Nintendo fans purchase only 1st party games, and give horrible support to third party games.

gamer421710d ago

I think they're giving it out to indie devs, even then I would like to disagree, If you look at the wiiu eshop charts the top 10 mostly consists of indie games. I have actually downloaded the quite a few indie games games (like little inferno, and mighty switch force, next I'll get toki tori) Indie games are usually always in the spotlight in the eshop, so i think they'll do just fine.

Godmars2901710d ago

If they've never done this before it tells you how things are going on the development side.

MasterCornholio1710d ago

Did anyone ever give away development kits for their console? Even Sony doesn't give away Vita development kits for free.

majiebeast1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Sony loans them out if they like what the dev is making, also a psvita devkit is like 3000$.

Shut up. Do you ever contribute to the discussion?

Good_Guy_Jamal1710d ago

SONY couldn't even give Vita development kits away for free. - fixed it for you.

Ashlen1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I think there is a lot of pressure from PC these days. Anyone can make a game on PC and not have to pay any fees depending on what tool set they use.

Even a lot of the larger tool sets are free if you aren't expecting to make more than a certain amount of profit. And you can always make your own.

And with Steam Greenlight where you basically only have to pay 100$ to list and then publish on Steam or even Desura it's not surprising the consoles would move in this direction.

Really, indy is the best thing to happen to gaming, hopefully it will continue to put pressure on the larger gaming institutions.

Kran1710d ago

By tool, do you mean engine? Because most engines charge for something. Not much, (you could easily get it back in sales) but still a lot.

dungeonboss1710d ago

The correct term in all instances is "loan". Even the devs Holmes was referring to were offered loaner Wii U dev kits. Nintendo isn't just "giving" them away for "free". There are still conditions, i.e. the developer still needs to make and publish a game with the thing and then either return or buy the development kits when development ends.

When people phrase it like "Nintendo is giving away free dev kits", it makes it sound like they've got free candy at booth 418. They still have stringent quality standards, and that's why only a handful of devs with stellar projects in the pipeline are receiving these "free dev kits" on loan.

Realplaya1710d ago

IMO it's a smart move. I always felt like this should happen.
If I am looking to make a game and have no money I would love a free kit that way I could make a game make money and make more games. Therefore I make money and make companies money.

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