Kurt Wimmer Adapting Metal Gear Solid: The Movie ?

On the red carpet for Sony's upcoming Vegas crime caper 21, appropriately held at Vegas' Planet Hollywood Casino, had a few minutes to chat with the film's producer Michael De Luca--who mentioned that he was a fan of the site--and we talked with him about his new movie plus a few of his projects in the works.

There have been a lot of video game movies in recent years of varying qualities, but one game that seems almost perfectly suited for the cinema experience is Konami's "Metal Gear Solid" and now that the writers strike is over, De Luca and Columbia Pictures can get back in gear (ha ha) and move forward with bringing the game to the big screen.

A few years ago, when Kurt Wimmer's action sci-fi flick Equilibrium came out, fans of the video game were clamoring for him to direct a movie based on the video game, and at the red carpet, De Luca told that they hope to meet with Wimmer in the next few weeks to talk about him writing the script (and presumably directing), so hopefully there'll be an announcement and more development with this project soon.

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Joey Gladstone3692d ago

was a pretty Good had the whole Matrix-Style aspect going for it.....and the scene where the gentleman learned the exact movements to dodge bullets in the dark was great.....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Wicked Sick3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Let Owe Boll direct the metal gear movie. That man is a genius.

The movie would become an instant epic masterpiece, just take a look at the mans track record. He has got plenty of game to movie adapting experience that proves he is on of the most, if not the best game to movie director.

As a bonus we can let Steve Ballmer handle the movie advertising, but we have to make sure that he will use deodorant.

Directors, Directors, Directors, Directors...

Johnny Cullen3692d ago

Wasn't Christian Bale in Equilibrium? And isn't Christian Bale one of the contenders to play Snake?

Theres your answer fols =D

Tempist3692d ago

Boo Urns. I bet they're not going to even let David Hayder in on the project. That's mean.

timmyp533692d ago

so he can't do much in the Live Action movie. Except direct the actors a bit on how to sound cool like snake =)

The Closing3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I'm sure there will be some sort of reference with David in there. Possible Snake sneaks into a surveillance room where the security guard is watching a cartoon with David doing the vo or even a real show so we can see David, Snake then knocks out the Guard, looks at the TV, and says something witty.

Eclipticus3692d ago


why cant they just have David play the security guard, . . . who is caught player Splinter Cell.

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Kaz Hirai3692d ago

To be released in cinemas worldwide in 2010!
And exclusively on HD-DVD in 2011! (Just kidding!)

I'm sorry, PIGS- you aren't ALLOWED to watch it!


Storm233692d ago

Please don't mess this up if this happens. I have wanted an incredible Metal Gear movie for a long time but I find it really hard to believe that it will turn out really good like so many gamers want.

Please do a good job!

The Closing3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

If they mess this up heads will roll!

It's one thing to mess up movies based on games that never really had a plot to begin with, but to go in and ruin an extremely credible story would be unacceptable to say the least.

liquidsnake3692d ago

You've got that right mate. I don't think the movie will be good. I mean Snake will probably not even have David Hayters voice. And MGS is made by the one and only Hideo Kojima. It's like asking me to draw a Picasso. It just won't be the the same thing

MK_Red3692d ago

Incredible rumor. I PRAY that it's true.

Kurt Wimmer is a superb writer and director. He has shown his skills in uber awesome Equalibrium.
Please PLEASE be true.

The Closing3692d ago

Christopher Nolan for example.

MK_Red3692d ago

True. I worship Nolan and his upcoming Dark Knight is my most anticipated movie ever but let's face it, he will never make a movie game.
Plus, Equalibrium's director isn't a bad choice and he is also a great director and a really talented one.

Also, I Believe in Harvey Dent and support him for DA.

The Closing3692d ago

Dark Knight is definitely my most anticipated movie of all time. It's going to be so good there will have to be a new adjective invented for just how awesome it will be. You never know though Nolan did a comic hero movie so I don't see why he wouldn't do a video game one.

but you're right Mr.Wimmer will definitely make do.

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