Pachter on Take-Two buyout: "A sale is inevitable"

Analyst Michael Pachter has just told videogaming247 that he believes a sale of Take-Two to EA is now "inevitable" and Take-Two is asking its shareholders to hold off on accepting EA's tender offer because management "hopes that a competing offer may surface".

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Joey Gladstone3657d ago

So sad but I believe that Take-Two is destined to cave in to EA any day here now.......I mean that almighty dollar Speaks MUCH MUCH louder than any Video Gamers voice ever will...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

zane5473657d ago

Microsoft should just put in a shock bid for them with the money they saved failing to buy Yahoo, that'd shake the industry up a little.

Tempist3657d ago

Yeah, but the oh mighty gamer dollar always speaks louder.

njd823657d ago

Bye GTA!! Was fun while it lasted! Bye!!! xxxxx

Neurotoxin3657d ago

Once EA get their grubby fat fingers around something they rarely let go, its just another example of how the whole video games market is being throttled into submission..... its just going to end up with three large companies owning amongst them all developers, destroying all creativity and freedom of idea, expression and originality from games.


zane5473657d ago

The console market would go the way of the PC Game market. There are studios within console development who thrive on independency (Square-Enix, I look at you.)

mintaro3657d ago inclined to agree.....

Lucreto3657d ago

I though Sony would have taken them over to get the GTA licence but EA will kill them first.

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