EA Issues Statement: Battlefield 4's Date Was Merely A Placeholder Date

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 4 is supposedly coming on October 31st on PC, X360 and PS3. This is rumored to be the European launch date, however EA was quick enough to react and issued a statement on its German Facebook page."

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MariaHelFutura1838d ago

October 2 years ago, was when BF3 was released. But this must be a placeholder....

john21838d ago

Ea's statement seems more like an attempt to damage control

RedDeadLB1838d ago

What's the point of a placeholder release date?

jaymart2k1838d ago

That's cause the ps4/xbox720 version will be out a month later.

DeadlyFire1837d ago

Yup. They might be holding all versions until PS4/X720 versions are released.