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Submitted by -Mezzo- 966d ago | article

The Internet in the U.S. isn't built for an "always on" game console

NeoWin - Before we get into this topic, here's a brief qualifier: Microsoft has not yet given an official comment on what they plan to do for their next Xbox game console. This editorial is not assuming that Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 will in fact need an 'always on" Internet connection to play games or run its apps. (Industry)

The_Infected  +   967d ago
Tell me about it. I wish they'd just invent a wireless Internet that could cover everyone everywhere. DIDO is supposed to do just that but I'd say its a long ways off. Either way the US infrastructure blows.
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-Mezzo-  +   967d ago
Compared to what i'm living with, you guys should be Extremely happy.
silenius  +   966d ago
MS has to realise that USA is not the whole world...
And not every country is like them.
They have to offer the same experience no matter where you are in this planet.
That goes to their online service too.
Its not fair for me to pay 40£ annually for a less better service and features than the US Xbox Marketplace. This was one of the things it really piss me off with XBL.
Blaze929  +   966d ago
"They 'have' to offer the same experience no matter where you are in this planet.
That goes to their online service too. "

you must be a new gamer or something...
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silenius  +   966d ago
What is your point mate???
You didn't make any?!
JhawkFootball06  +   966d ago
So what would happen if Xbox Live would go down. Nobody would be able to play anything? Microsoft can't predict that it won't. It's too risky, which makes you wonder why even consider it
arjman  +   965d ago
What Mezzo said, I have a 1.3mbps not- megabytes but bits- connection...I'm screwed. Might as well invest in a 3DS and stick to Pokemon.
ATi_Elite  +   966d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
1. Instead of reading BULLCRAP articles about Being connected to the Internet 24/7, why don't you CONSOLERS ask a group of Gamers who are ALREADY connected to the Internet 24/7/365

2. Oh that Group = PC Gamers connected to STEAM and it's 24/7/365 online DRM, Hell any MMO requires a Internet Connection. 6 million concurrent Steam Gamers have no issues and 70 million League of Legends Gamers have NO issues, etc..

3. "The Internet infrastructure in the U.S. simply can't handle it"----------Now come on this is Just a flat out LIE!!

My company must have like 1 million Computers connected to the Internet 24/7/365 and all runs fine. Now just do the math with all the fortune 500 companies that have a Mega Ton of PC's connected to the Internet 24/7/365.

The U.S. Military has a Bazillion PC's connected to the Internet and it's Military Internet and all runs fine so don't make up some crap about the U.S. Internet Infrastructure not being able to handle maybe 70 million consoles being added to the grid over the next 7 years.

3. Your Cell Phone drops more calls a day than you lose Internet connection a month. I bet you.

4. If you don't have Internet or your Internet sucks well Technology is just passing you by and MS is not marketing to you. Call your local ISP and have them fix the issues with poor service or switch service.

I don't know of too many places with no or horrible Internet and those that I do know of people tend to spend more time outdoors anyway than on a gaming system anyway.

5. This is a drop of water being turned into a Tsunami, 24/7/365 Internet connection is NO BIG DEAL. You consolers are getting all hyped up over NOTHING.

6. instead of COMPLAINING about 24/7/365 online DRM you need to complain about paying $60 a year just to play MP online cause that's the real RIP OFF!
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piroh  +   966d ago
you didn´t read the article do you?
Kur0  +   966d ago
You can play your games offline on Steam...
HammadTheBeast  +   966d ago
You guys have about a million computers online running fine? Cool. There's about 500 million gamers you missed. And military wtf?! How do you expect the average person to have military grade internet connection? League doesn't have 70 mil players, those are accounts, and nearly everyone who plays has 2-3 alt accounts. And League has major dropouts, disconnects, and lag at times.
wenaldy  +   966d ago
This is one example of why I hate PC elitist (not PC gamer), cocky n ignorant as ***k!!!
Sucitta  +   966d ago
not everyone lives in disgusting rat race sloth infested mega metropolis..

also, console gamers enjoy single player campaigns as well as online multiplayer. we do not sit around like the Master Race does, playing the same MMO's, grinding away for Weapons and Armour for 14 hr/s a day online 24/7 365 days a yr, hunched over our computer desks like rabid drooling beasts..

for the most part, console gamers enjoy the real world, as well as the gaming world. we also like to play our games on our time, where we want and when we want. not tied down to a computer desk, hunched over fighting off Carpal Tunnel online 24/7 grinding grinding grinding..

some console gamers have these things called cottages and on rainy days we like to use our consoles at these cottage places. we do not want to set up rural internet at said cottage, just so we can play the witcher 3 alone or halo 7 with friends on the same screen.

ATi_Elite, your missing the whole point.

With Elitism, must always come Ignorance
Grap  +   966d ago
he isn't PC elitist he don't even know that you can play your steam games on offline. even console gamers know that. he is cocky and ignorant for his stupidity
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Baka-akaB  +   966d ago
You're so caught up in your own dream and drama you fail to grasp some of the most basic point made here .

The internet US infrastructure is hardly great , bare some places .

If anything , as a fellow pc gamer , you damn well know how by designs most mmos of the late 90 till now are built with mediocre to average ping scores and connexion .
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   966d ago
You fail to realize ITS NOT OUR FAULT IF OUR INTERNET IS SLOW! IT COST BILLIONS TO UPGRADE A COUNTRIES INFRASTRUCTURE. Internet in my country is expensive and it will be in most of the faster growing developing economies..
xander70769  +   966d ago
Even if the US infrastructure was perfect, in that there was a perfectly stable broadband connection that never, ever dropped, that was available to every single person alive, it would not change my mind because that's not the point.

The point is, if I purchase a single player game that does not require Internet connection to have an effect on the game, then I shouldn't need to be connected to the internet to play the damn game. Period.

It's BS that I already pay $60 a year just to have gold, but at least gold isn't required to play single player games, and $60 a year is NOTHING compared to paying $30-40 a month for required Internet access! Considering most Internet related activities I do can be done from my 4g phone, I'm considering dropping my Internet service altogether, since I don't play many multiplayer games. But with always online console, dropping my Internet service so I can save on the monthly outrageous costs means NO MORE GAMING. Not even single player, and that is OUTRAGEOUS. It's not necessary, and no gamer should want this, no gamer should be complacent with this.
M-M  +   966d ago
"The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race"

Laughed, disagreed, then moved on.
Y_5150  +   966d ago
"The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race"
-Every PC Fanboy
Well I laugh like crazy every time I read that. XD
1Victor  +   966d ago
@ ATi_Elite I lol and stop reading your inept post after a "bazillion PC connected" comeback when you have grown a intelligent conversation.OK I live in NYC and from time to time we get cable/internet outages and they last from 4 or more hours.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   966d ago
My 360 has been hooked up to the internet since 2005 straight.

Also, USA is the biggest selling market in the world.
Tainted Gene  +   966d ago
the U.S. internet infrastructure is the worse... even countries in Africa have better internet and cell phone services.

Like our health care... Americans pay overly high prices for lower quality services (spotty internet and terrible cellphones plans/contracts) when compared to the rest of the world.

Sadly, since alot of us rarely travel out of the country, we typically fail to notice this phenomena.

Great article with a even GREATER point.
kreate  +   966d ago
China seem to be surpassing the US. Many american corporations are selling/marketing their products to the chinese due to market saturation and extreme decline in buying power of Americans.
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Theangrybogan  +   965d ago
Biggest debt in the world too, you cocky bastards are gonna have to start paying that back one day.
Godmars290  +   966d ago
Need to first find out if this stupid rumor is true or not. Really can't see how this is just a tactic by MS to create interest in the system.

As for the US infrastructure, blame corruption, lobbying and corporate movement of unregulated capitalism. Otherwise known as greed.
liquidhalos  +   966d ago
That was an interesting read, thanks.
Eddie20101  +   966d ago
This could be some form of consumer manipulation. We'll (Microsoft) leak information to make people think we are doing always on stuff but when we make the big announcement for the new Xbox we'll tell everyone we listened to there complaints and and will not have the always on DRM. Manipulating the consumer into thinking they have there backs.

I know I'll get a bunch of dislikes but big business is like that and Microsoft is one of the more manipulative companies.
TheSurg  +   966d ago
Fastest internet is in europe. Even poorer countries got easy access to 100 mbps and now with mobile LTE internet (100mbps) it's really good. Prices are also cheaper than in US.
MariaHelFutura  +   966d ago
Do people just forget the rest of planet earth exists?!?
GreenRanger  +   966d ago
The author can only speak for his own country.
MariaHelFutura  +   966d ago
I guess so. Usually people in the gaming industry speak for everyone. It through me off. :)
JsonHenry  +   966d ago
Do people just forget America is one of the largest markets for almost any consumer device? If it fails here it probably means disaster for the company promoting it.

And the author is right. We may have some markets that might be okay with an always connected console. But I know I will not bother buying the Xbox if this is the case. Not because I don't want it. But because I want to be able to use reliably what it is I purchase.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   966d ago
Asia and Europe is Bigger than america last time I remembered. Because we have larger continents that Supports gaming as their media also. But you are correct its "One" of the biggest
JsonHenry  +   966d ago
It is "the" largest of the markets on almost all fronts -

Numero uno. For now.
Cocozero  +   966d ago
This is becoming News 4 720. At this rate MS won't need an ad campaign.
MariaHelFutura  +   966d ago
Why are so surprised? An employee just came out and basically said "If you don't have the internet, deal with it"" and MS has not shot down his comments in a way that doesn't announce their unannounced system. Like, "we would never do that". If they said that, all this negativity regarding this issue would cease to exist quickly. Thus, constantly having negative articles with some merit to them is not the type of advertisement any company wants, ever. That scenario is is confined to your imagination, like how you think the 360 has sold more than the PS3 this generation... which is simply not true.
stage88  +   966d ago
There's a difference between positive news and negative news. This is doing MS a huge amount of harm.
amiga-man  +   966d ago
And Sony a huge amount of good, PS4 was already looking a great buy but with the huge negativity surrounding the nextbox the PS4 is looking the better option everyday.
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Blaze929  +   966d ago
you all act like the entire world spends their time on the internet. To the people who really matter and majority of average consumers - the day the next Xbox is revealed will probably be the first time many of them are even hearing about a new xbox coming.
MariaHelFutura  +   966d ago

My son and his friends at school know all about both systems. Rumors and facts. On the internet news real or fake spreads like wildfire. The "always on" comments by Adam Orth were on the front page of Yahoo.
B1663r  +   966d ago
No it isn't. This concept is garnering a huge amount of comments from trolls. The vast majority of people in the world dont mind internet connected devices the way you guys do, and this issue will have no affect on them what so ever.
BitbyDeath  +   966d ago
Is too bad the PS4 isn't yet available everywhere for pre-orders otherwise it'd be going through the roof with everyone switching to it.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   966d ago
News 4 720? What "news" are you referring to? Are you really suggesting these negative RUMORS are a suitable ad campaign replacement for MS?
MasterCornholio  +   966d ago
Why would anyone have an ad campaign that involves negative news about their console?

For example, imagine if Nintendo had an ad that stated that the Wii U will be an inferior console compared to other next gen systems like the PS4 and the 720 imagine how much damage it would cause to Nintendos console.

Seriously whats the point of this?
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Jakens  +   966d ago
They did and they have released said console...

OT: MS better come on stage and address this always on thing first. To a positive point and not a negative one.
andreasx  +   966d ago
it's not built like that anywhere
Hellsvacancy  +   966d ago
Its not going to happen, im well tired of this now
EffectO  +   966d ago
Maybe MS realized that traditional console industry is a sinking burning ship threatening to explode any second so they are jumping ship to safer waters?

Small userbase but always connected/Gold subscribed.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   966d ago
MS is going to primarily target the Wii demography with their next console
Constant Internet connection required for the console to work

Where could it possibly go wrong?
CEOSteveBallmer  +   966d ago
Guys Off topic question: Would you say a console is the worst just because of patches and loading times?? A guy here at N4g strongly believes so. Well maybe I should pay no mind to Trolls and delusional people. Im not saying what console hes referring to but it doesnt matter anymore I think. I just want to know what you guys think?. Reasoning with this guy is like reasoning with a "Wall"
jay2  +   966d ago
World wide, we won't be ready for always on for 10+ yrs.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   966d ago
Its the rural areas of the u s that has the worst intrnet service.
Gamer-40  +   966d ago
Always-online true..
Microsoft huge fail next-gen, many X360 owner buy PlayStation 4.
Spore_777  +   966d ago
Here in Africa, even cities have slow and expensive Internet connections. Therefore, MS risks losing that clientele. However, it seems as though it is not such a big deal to them. Sadly, it is for a few of us African gamers. Looks like my secondary console will be the Wii U. PlayStation is very popular here and I am relieved the PS4 will not require a perpetual connection to function... I feel terrible for my friends who prefer the XBOX.
Cam977  +   966d ago
I guess the next Xbox is dead before it left the factory.
Gamer-40  +   966d ago
Not impossible.
Microsoft no response many negativity news and rumors, terrible marketing, terrible.

Maybe Microsoft in big trouble:(
mt  +   966d ago
because if they response to the "rumors" then it means they confirm the nextbox, and I think they are saving it for E3 regardless of all the negative rumors surrounding the nextbox
guerojose  +   966d ago
It's obvious what they're after: total control over what games you play, what content you access, when and how. A constant stream of data they can sell to publishers, advertisers, etc. I'd be more upset about the mandatory Kinect - having a camera constantly monitoring everything you do in your home. I'm sure it all looks like the holy grail from their side; we'll see if they pull the trigger and make this suicidal call.
dcbronco  +   966d ago
I'm assuming the Arsenal badge means you're in the UK( though I know it doesn't because I'm a fan too-ARSENAL...ARSENAL). I have bad news for you though. Your set-top cable box has been tracking you for years. So has your browser(TOR?). Cellphone and a bunch of other devices.

I don't know the laws in the UK, but I assume you can't just set up cameras in peoples houses. Regardless of the set-up in your public spaces. In the US, that would be totally illegal. People that were up in arms in the US are so silly. Love that US education system.

In the US we use discount cards at the grocery store. I met a guy that worked for the company that developed the cards. He said the eventual plan was to sell your information to everyone. Companies like your insurance company. You buy a lot of alcohol, car insurance goes up. A lot of junk food, health insurance goes up.

But trust me, Kinect watching what goes on in your house would quickly lead to lawsuits that would relieve MS of billions of their savings. Kinect will never spy on you.
MariaHelFutura  +   966d ago
Not entirely disagreeing w/ you. But, MS has filed for the Kinect to watch you for marketing purposes.
dcbronco  +   965d ago
Even that in the US would be illegal. They can not watch you at all. They could add something in the terms of use, but that would be another console killing rumor and no company is that stupid. The marketing angle would simply be reporting what was played and for how long. Just like your current cable box does. Perverts go to jail every day for planting cameras in peoples homes.

And a terms of use clause would be quickly spot and blasted on the Internet and would immediately kill sales.
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jukins  +   966d ago
Hmm its not the always on that bothers me its the still going rumors of kinect being always on and required and potentially blocked used games
abzdine  +   966d ago
#16 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kran  +   966d ago
Sorry, but nor is it here in the UK :/
Drakesfortune  +   966d ago
Uk is just as shit! I cn't believe we live in age where Internet speeds are still so low...but I really don't see this rumour being doesn't make sense
dcbronco  +   966d ago
Always on should never have anything to do with SP. It should only deal with MP games. This whole debate will take care of itself in time. With MP games it doesn't matter because it is obvious you have a connection. But if it does apply to SP, low install bases and sales will quickly fix the problem.

As for the complaints that not everyone has Internet. In most industrialized nations I'm sure most at least have DSL or some kind of connection. Always on doesn't mean you need Broadband. I'm sure a connect period will do.
ajax17  +   966d ago
I'm guessing this guy has RoadRunner internet. I used to have the same problems all the time.
AO1JMM  +   966d ago
If this turns out to be true the Xbox720 will turn into a nintendo (1st party exclusives) for me. Where all I buy for it is the Halo's/GOW games and that is it.
MuhammadJA  +   966d ago
I know some "third world countries" have better Internet than America.
tiffac008  +   966d ago
If 1st world nations are still having issues with their internet connection, just imagine us who lives in 3rd world countries.

We don't even have any proper infrastructure for high speed broadband internet. -_-


I would love to know which 3rd world countries are those because my country certainly ain't one of them.
#23 (Edited 966d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tiffac008  +   965d ago
LOL! at the disagrees, come to the Philippines and judge for yourselves then.

This is the facts not fiction.

Still if you guys have great broadband internet then all I can say is I'm envious of you.
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BOLO  +   966d ago
"Always On"..."Control the living room"..."Total entertainment experience"...

Xbox indoctrination.

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