Everything We Know About Metal Gear Solid V

"Maybe we should take a break from all this theorizing and speculative thinking, and stick to what we know—for sanity’s sake.

Here’s a list of all things that we know (so far) for sure about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?"

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pete0071539d ago

and i believed these games would be impossible on xbox hardware!!

rodiabloalmeida1539d ago

Here is everything I know about MGS5: ITS GONNA KICK ASS as usual!

xabmol1539d ago


Jaybronee1539d ago

MGS4 is one of my favorite games this gen. Glad to see the Xbox crowd will get to enjoy the series, too.

ANIALATOR1361538d ago

to be honest if you didnt buy a ps3 already for MGS4, then you are not a fan. But hopefully some people on Xbox can discover the world of MGS and increase the fanbase

gamefiles1538d ago

. but why in the flying nipples is this not coming to wiiU!

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