Best Selling Games of All Time

Whilst everyone is going nuts over today's release of GTA IV , how about we revisit some of those forgotten gems in the "most successful video game ever" as we recall the 25 best selling games of all time. .

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Joey Gladstone3238d ago

WOW.......I did not realize how lucrative that series really was ....I mean honestly 6 of the top 25 spots is highly commendable ...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Harry1903237d ago

that gta4 was out today?

masterg3237d ago

VGcharts has Super Mario at 40 million and pokimon at 30 million.

skynidas3238d ago

I think that GTA will steal that spot

mirroredderorrim3237d ago

Not a chance. You are trying to say that it will steal the spot from the mighty Gameboy? Dream on.

ZackFair3237d ago

Final Fantasy VIII and X both sold close to 8 million, this has been stated by Square themselves.

Breakfast3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Look at the userbase of each game

Xbox brand --- 40 millon units sold

Playstation brand --- over 200 million sold

that is why gran tourismo is "bigger" then halo

Harry1903237d ago

understand how the user base is
directly proportional to gran
turismo's the time,120million ps2s had not yet been sold.

PS360WII3237d ago

Okay hold on. When a multi game gets released everyone will say of course the 360 version sells more because it has a bigger instal base! Then when a PS2 game sells more then a xbox game it isn't because of the bigger instal base?

Breakfast3237d ago

@ 5.2
You can say the same about every other game in history.

@ 5.3
dude you got me so confused. Bigger install base usually means more software sales...does it not?

PS360WII3237d ago

heh yeah that's what a bigger instal base means I was just saying or play acting stuff out :)

Breakfast3237d ago words can explain how confused i got at your comment... but now i understand

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The story is too old to be commented.