Interview: Dylan Fitterer Talks Audiosurf

An unsuspecting indie title, Audiosurf made a quiet debut on Valve's Steam platform in February of 2008. However, the music/puzzle game quickly erupted into a legitimate phenomenon, eclipsing all other games on the popular digital distribution platform and becoming the top-selling Steam game of February 2008 (selling even more than best-seller The Orange Box).

The music puzzler offered a unique and arguably revolutionary twist on the genre, allowing gamers to import their favorite MP3s in the game and essentially 'play' their music. This provided an unrivaled musical interaction that hasn't been offered from the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and makes for a pretty darn good time as well.

GameZone recently got the chance to ask the game's creator, Dylan Fitterer, and ask him a few questions about the game's huge success, as well as where he'd like to take it in the future.

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