Jak & Daxter Trilogy on PS Vita listed by german retailer, including release

It seems that the Jak & Daxter Trilogy on PS Vita is real. After a listing by a spanish retailer, the Trilogy pops up also an, including release.

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DwightOwen1845d ago

No thanks. After the lazy job Naughty Dog did with the PS3 version, they can keep it.

At least Insomniac bothered to upgrade the textures for the Ratchet & Clank Collection.

beakeroo11845d ago

I never saw the PS3 version tbh but once it is scaled down to Vita screen will the PS2 textures matter much? I'm interested in 3 good platformers for the price of one.

Godchild10201845d ago

Naughty Dog didn't do the HD remake, they just assisted with the conversion. "The transfer was handled by Mass Media Inc. with Naughty Dog assisting with the conversion of the games.[1]" from Wikipedia.

The real work was done by Mass Media. I haven't played much of the remake, but I would gladly play the Trilogy on my Vita.

360ICE1845d ago

I thought they did a pretty good job. Didn't notice any obvious flaws. And, hey, it was three solid games for the price of one. In particular the HD makeover of Jak 2 and 3 could have passed for next-gen.

Also, yeah, Naughty Dog weren't really the ones to do the main job in any sense.

Donnieboi1845d ago

Just having it in widescreen is good enough for me at that price point.

abzdine1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

shut up and try them first before spitting nonsense!
J&D Trilogy on PS3 looks gorgeous and those 3 games were really ahead of their time.

Good sony are releasing it for Vita so Vita owners can have 3 megahits to have fun with

extermin8or1845d ago

naughty dog and insomniac had no control over these and didn't create them.

jakmckratos1844d ago

THis is by far the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this site. If you're not going to bother to look up information about a game your WRONGFULLY insulting then don't bother to comment. The HD upgrade was fine

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Tultras1845d ago

Who the hell cares about the quality of the textures????



Genuine-User1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Jak and Daxter was amazing on the PS2. I thoroughly enjoyed the HD Collection.

This is a dream come true on the Vita.

r211845d ago

Sweet, another game i never got the chance to play on ps2. Will buy if true :)

sherimae24131845d ago

ofcourse it is real! and that rumored assassin's creed rising phoenix, it will also be real! and also that 100 games for ps vita this year! ^_^

Sanquine901845d ago

I hope so! I am totally in persona 4 right now on vita and i wish persona 5 would be announced.

* PS i do not want to sound like the typical guy... But the girl on the picture looks very cute * your avatar* sorry for saying it.

sherimae24131844d ago

ofcourse thats me! you silly ^_^

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