Stop Complaining, There's Plenty To Play On Wii U While Wii U owners are basically taking comfort in knowing what’s “coming soon” for the machine, some people (mostly non Wii U owners, I suspect) have been complaining that there’s nothing to play. I say that’s rubbish.

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TheGrimOfDeath1842d ago

Someone should make an article explaining the same thing about the PS Vita. There is tons of shit to play. Go and search for the games you like.

zinger_AU1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

for Aussies it's definitely the PRICE of the Vita here. $350 is ludicrous. I'd buy a Vita just for Golden Abyss, but not for over $300 :(

RankFTW1842d ago

That doesn't seem all that expensive. Paid around £300 for my Vita on launch and that converts to around 430AUD.

meatysausage1842d ago

pretty sure around 250-28 is common now.
I bought a 3ds at 250 and my vita at launch for 350 and i thought it was definately worth the money

ApolloTheBoss1842d ago

I paid LESS than $200 for Vita including a 8Gig memory stick, which is a steal. You really should try Ebay you'll save a lot of money.

ThanatosDMC1842d ago

Can you import? But it's probably best to wait and get the red premium PS Vita with Soul Sacrifice.

PSVita1841d ago

@zimger-Aussies also make $15 an hour minimum wage.

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Viper71842d ago


My thoughts exactly. Not to mention there's no need to transfer or Re-buy games bought from PSN. One can just re-download them on new system and continue playing them (on both). Giving you even more games.

-Superman-1842d ago

The list gives us:
Horrible games
Mini games
Multiplatform games

stragomccloud1842d ago

Even outside of Vita titles, there is an awesome backlog of PSone classics and more available on the system for cheap! I ended up also trading in physical versions of PSP games, and then buying them again on PSN. There's a lot to love~

ps3_pwns1842d ago

yeah look at the double standards. nintendo fans laugh and talk crap about vita then when wii u is the exact same thing but worrse they want to cry about it. i know playstation fans havent been bashing the vita and xbox fans dont even have a handheld. only people bashing the vita has been nintendo fanboys so wii u getting bashed is only fair.

jcnba281841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

The people complaining about the Wii U are mostly sony fanboys who don't even own the system. They just want to see Nintendo fail, which will never happen because Nintendo always make the best games.

D_RoyJenkins1841d ago

Nintendo doesn't always make the best games

LOL_WUT1841d ago

They stopped having good games since the 64/gamecube IMO ;)

Old McGroin1841d ago


Mario Galaxy disagrees with you.

Amphion1841d ago

Are those actually real games...?

lilbroRx1841d ago

Can we have a single nonnegative Nintendo article without someone pushing something Sony related straight from the start.Really, just one?

If its not someone trying to praise Sony's devices/actions over Nintendo then its someone trying shift the topic of discussion to Sony products.

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Root1842d ago

Thats right, Wii U owners are all happily busy playing Rayman Legends right now

......I joke, I joke :)

Reverent1842d ago

If only more people around here had a sense of humor, lol.

LOL_WUT1841d ago

Those disagrees come from those who are not happily busy playing Rayman Legends right now


aviator1891842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I'm just waiting for Zelda Wii U and super smash bros. Those are the games I usually buy all Nintendo home consoles for. And the new pikmin looks great as well.

Sure, there are a ton of games for the system, but maybe not the right ones needed for the high uptake Nintendo is hoping for, imo.

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PopRocks3591842d ago

There's content there. It's a matter of whether or not a person is willing to pay $350 for it. For those (mostly fans, I would guess) who have already made that investment, there's definitely some stuff on there. Not a lot, but some. VC games for starters, some indie games, Monster Hunter, Lego, and the third party ports if one has not played them on another console yet.

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mistertwoturbo1842d ago

It's not much of a list convincing people otherwise. 3 of those are already out on other consoles, and quite frankly the rest is not all that interesting. The only two that I'd probably want to play is Super Mario Bros U and Monster Hunter.

DRM-Killz1842d ago

Hell yeah there is there' wait a sec, what about....uh, well how about...... Well I'll be hornswaggled I can't think of any.

TheRot1842d ago

yup it feels like one Wii U game comes out every month