Moore money than sense?

PCGMedia dissect EA's Peter Moore's statement regarding the 'Worst Company in America' award. They offer insight as to exactly what is wrong with EA, and why Moore's reasoning is offensive, illogical, and counter productive. Do statistics carry the same weight as a "vocal minority?" And does the success of a 'product' define the quality of a game? Where are EA going wrong, and could it be they simply need to take bigger risks? Why are they merging sub-genres, and letting fans of their small games down?

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pompombrum1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

" People are sensationalist, vocal, and abusive exactly because you’re “the tallest tree.” They want to look to you for quality, innovative gaming, but all you do is brush them aside and show them the money. When did that ever bring people together?"

QFT, something EA's new CEO has to understand.

I don't see the point of Peter Moore of anyone at EA responding to the worst company in America poll really. Everything about his blog post shows everything that is wrong with EA.. casually downplay their shortcomings while having the audacity to play the "we're gay friendly and if that makes us the worst company in America, so be it!" card shows just how low they're prepared to go.

dangert121844d ago

EA knows their fans or people who like what they publish...Only EA games i have is Dragon Age Origins & Deadspace, I like FIFA but refuse to lay down 40-50 pound a year for what becomes rehashes ever so quickly may get FIFA 14 as the last one i brought was 09, I shook my head in dismay when i read on here the other day EA forced them (46 Million Gamers) to use Origin...Wondering who or what they will send to force me /s

PooEgg1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

EA has great developers under their thumbs, but EA is foolish, because they are damaging these developer's good names. How many times can one company piss of a developer's fanbase, causing mass online protests and bad press, before they are ready to stop patting themselves on the backs and admit that they have screwed up? EA needs to start thinking more about making good bug free games, and less about squeezing every penny they can from a gamers wallet.

At this point the EA agenda should be:

1 - Give developers the time and resources they need to make great bug free games.
2 - Treat your customers fairly. Listen when the majority is speaking and telling you they don't want something, because it means just that.
3 - Rethink your DLC plans. Stop making half assed overpriced DLC & stop making Day 1 DLC that 'FEELS' like it was pulled from the finished game at the last moment in order to make more cash. Instead focus on making quality DLC that is priced according to what it brings to the table.
4 - Focus on earning back loyalty first and profits will automatically follow.

Or you could just keep following your current method of operation and keep a blind eye as slowly more and more gamers get fed up and turn their backs on you. No gaming company is too big to fail, if you doubt that just look to some of the formerly popular Japanese companies, and ask yourself again if you should really be patting yourself on the backs after getting voted 'worst company of the year' again?