Battlefield 4 European release date outed by EA's own Facebook page

Battlefield 4 European release date outed by EA's German Facebook page.

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M-M1871d ago

It's very possible that it could release on the PS4 and Nextbox then.

Qrphe1871d ago

EA wouldn't miss such chances.

1871d ago
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maxcon1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It definitely late Oct. EA has and will be smart enough to stay as far away from the second week of November as they can manage. This also falls in with the BF3/MoH releases.

bumnut1871d ago

Too soon imo, I dont think it will offer anything more than BF3.

I suspect the biggest improvement will be for console owners moving from current gen to next gen, but PC gamers will be essentially be paying for a big map pack with little improvement over BF3.

The_KELRaTH1871d ago

Even if it was a BF3 close variant at least this time it will likely be from the PC version so more online players, much larger maps and far better graphics.
I know the BF3 PS3 version is popular but it's still total crap when compared to the PC version.

SignifiedSix911871d ago

If its got the features of BF2 and 1942, its going to be a huge step-up from BF3. Naval warfare from 1942 and commander mode with 6 man squads from BF2 will be a huge game changer for the multiplayer aspect.

I just hope they actually do that stuff, because that's what I miss the most!

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