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5 Reasons Why Wii U Owners Shouldn’t Panic

The Wii U isn’t the failure everyone’s saying that it is. Here’s why.

There have been a fair share of complaints levelled at the Wii U, so much so that those who have invested in Nintendo's latest console may be reconsidering their purchase. However, look past all the speculation touted by naysayers of the "gimmicky" new system and you'll find that the Wii U isn't the failure it's alleged to be, and that it actually has a rather bright future ahead of it.

Here are 5 reasons why Wii U owners shouldn't be panicking. (Wii U)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   963d ago
No matter what I am buying this console,

If even 1st Party Games came out on it- that is saying a lot about their quality.
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gamefiles  +   963d ago
poopy dooboo
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Eddie20101  +   963d ago
Not panicking, Tis a great console.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   963d ago
I dont currently own a wii-u and have read alot of users find the tablet gimmicky but I will leave that to myself to decide, my main worry for the wii-u and I have said before it needs proper 3rd party support because you cant just have exclusives alone, the wii-u needs the ( I buy 2 games a month gamers) and they wont be on board until the exclusives come, I just cant see many gamers just owning a wii-u for 1st and 3rd party games as they will get 3rd party on ps4 or sexbox 2, live by the sword die by the sword for nintendo this gen.
mudmax  +   963d ago
Gimmicky, not sure where you heard that. And they had more core third party support on launch day than they ever had on wii.
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lilbroRx  +   963d ago | Well said
Wii U owners have never panicked to begin with.

All the thigns people are making an issue out of are only issues to people who never intended to get Wii U.

These aren't true or hardcore gamers in here trying to insult the Wii U by calling it gimmicky and always crying "Oh poor Nintendo, they better do XXXXX" etc... everytime a negative article pops up. Those are immature fanboys. Actual Wii U owners have never been worried.

They are just waiting for games. The games have been announced, and they will arrive sooner or later. That is all there is to it.
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Rusty515  +   963d ago
I know right? It's like.. If a console is having below average sales people just jump the gun and go "IT'S DOOMED. IT'S THE NEXT DREAMCAST." It's just like stfu. The Wii U doesn't even have much games for it yet. Wait till the 1st party games come out. Then it'll pick up steam like the PS3 did...
TripC50  +   963d ago
I have
TripC50  +   963d ago
Because of loss of support by some developers.
PopRocks359  +   963d ago
Waiting for games sounds about right to me. Same with the negativity coming primarily from people with little or no interest to begin with. Summed up my thoughts pretty well. Bubble up.
RustedMan  +   963d ago
"All the things people are making an issue out of are only issues to people who never intended to get Wii U."

weird, I figured it was the exact opposite.
Myself for example wishes that Nintendo actually LISTENED to my voice, and welcomed me with open arms. Sony and Microsoft are very capable companies with incredible broad appeal from casual to "hardcore".

While I will do not wish to completely suck up to those companies, nor wear their badge blindly without respect for other companies (like Nintendo), I simply have never seen Nintendo give a good ENOUGH reason for me to buy a Wii U.

It's an investment. I, like an investor in their company, am taking stock in their company, following their career path. I wish that they'd really lay it out as to why we should "stick with Nintendo".
I haven't seen it.

There is also something to admire when it comes to any company, I believe that the majority of people who do have rather harsh criticism of Nintendo ARE the people that stuck it out, and realistically, are rather annoyed at their antiquated decision making. We all expect better from them, I least I did.
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admiralvic  +   963d ago
Yup, though I am surprised the standard "this happens to every console" reason wasn't listed. I mean every console starts slow, gets tons of "it's going to fail" posts (or at least in the age of the internet), then once the system gets steam we get the "why this feature is better than that feature" articles.
dungeonboss  +   963d ago
1. MH3U
2. MH3U
3. MH3U
4. MH3U
5. MH3U

Okay, I'm set until Pikmin 3.
Realplaya  +   963d ago
I bought the Wii U and love it right now i'm loving my purchase and don't regret it. I had mine pre ordered on day one came home got it connected did the update and got out during the download. The only issue I have now is Hulu freezes my system at times. But so far game wise have Zombie U, Darksiders and Nintendo land. I also have supported the indie movement with purchasing great games and love the new retro games they have.

I read a lot of comments about the doom and gloom but to be honest I work two jobs and by the time i quit my PT gig there will be new games out. But I have this feeling at E3 Nintendo is going to show proof that there serious. If they wanted to they could go into the crate and and do HD remakes of the games people love. But I have a feeling they know that and at E3 I think it will not be about the numbers but more the games.
hellvaguy  +   963d ago
What was the point of you mentioning u have several jobs? I didn't see one. I mean kudos to you for it, but this isn't twitter or facebook.

My 2 cents. I bought the WiiU to play with my kids. They do like the tablet for multiplayer Marioland where it lets you tap and place blocks to make jumps easier. Other than that so far, its not of any use. I did used to have my recliner chair real far back from the tv, so I use to use the screen on that for a time to play on. However the battery life is kinda dreadful. I wanna say 5-6 hours.

Looking forward to the new Zelda, heck ya!
Man-E-Faces  +   963d ago
I am in the same boat as you, bought the system for my little nephew and Skylanders Giants and he still would rather play the game on my PS3. The only use were getting out of it is the solid browser it has, YouTube specifically. The problems I have with the system myself are as you described the putrid battery life, poor OS, still using Mii's can't stand those things would much prefer iconic Nintendo avatars to represent us, and of course poor 3rd party support. There's other things like a Trophy system would be nice as well, but with PS4 coming it's getting more likely the system will be used only like the Wii and GameCube, only for exclusives. And I know Nintendo doesn't want this from their user base of only buying exclusives and their multiplats elsewhere.
mudmax  +   963d ago
5or6 hours, obviously your talking out of your but crack. Gamepad lasts 2to3 hours tops. Troll disguised as Dad. Nice try Hellva, your not a gamer neither are you Nos. You Trolls dont know what your talkn about, you just sound stupid. Go away.
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hellvaguy  +   963d ago
Mudmax your both angry and stupid all at the same time, grats on that. If I was bragging about the batt life being 5-6 hours max, why would I say that "dreadful"?

You lack any common sense before determining if someone is trolling, aka your stupid.
TruthbeTold  +   963d ago
I have no reason to panic.

I am VERY sick of all of the haters and Debbie Downers regarding this console though.
mudmax  +   963d ago
Me too , I troll the trolls. Nobody is panicking except the Ps and Box boys because they know the wiiu is awesome and they want one.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   963d ago
the quality in 3rd party support for wii u will never be on par with ps4/720. hell, THIRD party support may never be on par with even the ps3/360. though i think the WU could have been so much better, i dont actaually blame nintendo for its lack of interest in obtaining strong third party support. 3rd party cos just arent interested in taking wii u support to the next level. crappy ports and overall limited utilization to the wii us interesting features make third party support a lost cause.

there are exactly 2 reasons why the wii u has nothing to worry about:
1. the clueless gamer. Millons upon millions of gamers buy wii u because its a nintendo console. my parents have lived the US now for over 40 years and to this day they still refer to ever video gaming thing ive ever owned as a "nintendo". my 360 is a nintendo. my ps3 is a nintendo. to them, my ti-83 is probably a nintedo. this gives you an idea of nintendos power held within its own name.

2. legendary first party games. as long as mario and zelda are in the picture, nintendo will put on a show ever single gen. not to mention that the sewer-material 3rd party mainstays like madden, fifa and cod will ALWAYS bring in a few million, no matter the console its on.
SkullBlade169  +   963d ago
I don't see why anybody should be panicking.

Even if a console is a commercial failure (Not saying the Wii-U will be but this is a worst case scenario), it will still get the first party exclusives that make the system worth buying.

I wouldn't buy a Nintendo to play third party games on it, although it's a plus, we all know Nintendo consoles are more notable for the first party exclusives on them

The SEGA Dreamcast was a failure, but it didn't stop me from liking mine for the good games that were on it. Same will go for the Wii-U if it ends up not getting a huge amount of 3rd party games
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ARESWARLORD  +   963d ago
Dreamcast was the best system ever made period.
DRM-Killz  +   963d ago
Yeah well I can think of 15 reasons why they should!
RankFTW  +   963d ago
I did not buy my Wii U to play third party games on, that's why I will get the other consoles and have my PC. I bought my Wii U for all the Nintendo exclusives that you can't play anywhere else.
tweet75  +   963d ago
nintendo should be annoucing several AAA wii u games at E3. This will really help sales pick up.
MasterCornholio  +   963d ago
Even if 3rd partys abandoned the Wii U like they did with the gamecube, Nintendo will still heavily support their console with first party franchises which is all that a Nintendo fans needs. Then if a so called Wii U owner wants to play a 3rd party game then they will either buy a PS4 or a 720.

The main reason why i didnt buy a Wii U is because i dont like Nintendo franchises. I find games like Mario, Zelda, Kirby and Metroid to be boring (I know they are not bad games but im bored of them) to me because ive played those franchises a million times already and i am always hungering for new experiences.

EDIT: This is a little off topic but i recently downloaded Okami HD with plus and i find the game extremely entertaining especially with the move controller. OMG i cant believe how beautiful the game is.
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Jek_Porkins  +   963d ago
Do console owners panic? I seriously wasn't aware of that fact, I think the Wii U will be fine, when the big titles start hitting everyone will jump on board.

I find it funny that the Wii U starts as good as the Xbox 360/PS3 and yet somehow it's in dire straights all of a sudden...lol
etownone  +   963d ago
I don't see myself getting one anytime soon.....
But being it backward compatible with Wii games and controllers,
I can definitely see myself picking one up in like another 2 years.
millzy102  +   963d ago
1) wind waker hd/ New zelda

2) Mario kart/ Mario 3d

3) New xenonblade

4) its nice and small so it can fit nicely next a ps4 on any shelf.

5) gamepad is awesome and can't wait for the games to come.
ARESWARLORD  +   963d ago
new contra and f-zero, hook up a Timesplitters deal and you are set big N
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   963d ago
Once the big 1st party titles comes out the Wii u will take over

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