Amazon UK still taking pre-orders for Aliens Colonial Marines??

It’s been a few days since Sega confirmed that the controversial ACM was not heading to the Wii U, but it seems as though internet retailer Amazon didn’t get the memo as they are still taking pre orders for the game.

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PopRocks3591807d ago

Probably a mistake. The game's officially canned so I can't imagine this being real.

DeadPixel1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Not sure what you mean by "this being real" go to Amazon UK and check it for yourself

PopRocks3591806d ago

What I mean is the listing not being official. Sega canned the game, so it doesn't make much sense that a retailer would still have it listed unless they outright neglected to remove the game from their listing.

DeadPixel1806d ago

I'm still amazed that so many people disagreed with my comment, when all I said was go check out it for yourselves lol, of course it's official it's listed by amazon and sold and dispatched by

admiralvic1806d ago

It got canned yesterday... I don't see why anyone is shocked it didn't instantly get taken down. Especially when a bad game releases on a low install base system, I can't imagine they had many preorders left anyway.

DeadPixel1806d ago

It was officially canned on the 5th and it's still available now....

admiralvic1806d ago

Hey Smart ***, it was STILL the 6th in my timezone, so yes the 5th was "yesterday". Anyway, I stand by asking why does it really matter?

Amazon doesn't charge (save credit) till the item ships, so you will never "lose" money.
Amazon will cancel it at some point and refund (if needed) your money.
The game has such a negative rep I can't imagine many people are clamoring to preorder it.
Play-Asia STILL has Highlander ( to preorder, which was canceled in 2010 ( so it's not like games are always pulled the SECOND we find out they canceled it.

ginganinja1806d ago

It's not the greatest problem in the world.
They don't take any money till they ship (which they patently can't). so apart from a minor annoyance no-one's going to lose out.

JackVagina1806d ago

Not really a problem, since Amazon doesn't charge anything till the order is being processed for dispatch

1806d ago
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