Borderlands 2 Gets A Huge Price Cut At GAME

UK retailer GAME have a number of PC download deals currently running on their site.

The titles that stand out in the sale are Borderlands 2 for a mere £10.20 & Football Manager 2013 at the cost of £14.99. Bioshock 1 & 2 are both up for £3.50 for those wanting to venture through Rapture before they take on Columbia.

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Linko641839d ago

Can't argue at that price

hellvaguy1839d ago

I wouldn't know. Price needs to also say it in dollars, damn it.

Linko641839d ago

Given GAME doesn't exist in the US , kinda seems pointless to put it into dollars

GamerEuphoria1839d ago

As said, GAME is a UK retailer (even says so in the post) so I'm not really sure why you would want us to post the price in dollars.

1839d ago