Nintendo's 'Secret War' on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store

In the latest intalment in our series of 'WiiWare week' features, developers have revealed that Nintendo has been keenly capitalising on publicly-aired frustrations with Xbox Live Arcade to help drive the number of games produced for its imminent digital distribution platform.

According to our sources, Nintendo has been actively briefing studios on what it says is the increased flexibility of WiiWare, from cheaper development through to more flexible pricing, makes it a better service to make games for - painting a stark contrast to the likes of Xbox Live Arcade.

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TriggerHappy3722d ago

I lol'ed . Nintendo's what ? When both Microsoft and Sony have not completely announced what plans they have for their respective networks ?

LinuxGuru3721d ago

I can guarantee you that VERY FEW Wii owners have any CLUE about any of the Wii's network abilities.

You think 7 year-olds care about this?

Sayai jin3721d ago

Secret War against XBLA and PSN. Well one thing is correct is that it is a secret war, so secrat that niether MS or Sony will ever no it even existed. I wish Ninty luck, but this is....

longduckdong3721d ago

Wii has more retro titles than any console. I guess they don't consider NES, Super Nintendo, Turbo Graphics, and all the other old console games they have to be retro on the Wii because they all look and are as powerful as the Wii games themselves.

PS360WII3721d ago

Wii has it split up. VC and WiiWare vs just XBLA and just PSN

PS360WII3721d ago

we can only hope but most likely not :(

Exhaust3721d ago

How serious can anyone take Nintendos digital game distribution with out a real storage solution?

At the very least these WiiWare games better be able to run from SanDisk. I've bought several VC games and my internal memory is getting full. You'd have to expect these WiiWare games will be larger than classic games... They expect people to copy games back and forth?

PS360WII3721d ago

Yup they say you can just delete the game you've played to make room for the new one you want. See the problem with that is maybe I want to have the option of playing them back to back...

You bought it so it's yours forever but still it's a hassle to say the least

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The story is too old to be commented.