Black Ops 2 Skorpion EVO Fast-Paced Class Setup

The Skorpion is a powerful, fast-firing SMG in Black Ops 2. Learn how to master it with an awesome class setup designed for aggressive players that like to run in and get kills fast. This Skorpion EVO loadout is the latest of our series of class recommendations for BO2 players.

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Swiggins1873d ago

Don't like it? Don't click on it...noob.

NoobJobz1873d ago

Hasn't foregrip been proven to not do anything? Why waste a slot on it?

Alduin1873d ago

I haven't seen anything official stating that fore grip doesn't do anything. I've played quite a bit and I feel like it does reduce recoil a little bit at the very least. I could be wrong but that's how it seems to me.