Why the Battlefield 4 reveal is a disappointment's Paul Kelly writes:

"I'm a fan of the series and have enjoyed every one I've played, but I have never placed importance on a good single player campaign. Battlefield is a multiplayer franchise and I'm expressing my disappointment on what has been shown but also highlighting any points which fill me with hope for the game."

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SolidStoner1844d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

its just not WW2 like in good old days! :)

but its not a disappointment, I had.. have a great time on BF3!

ATi_Elite1843d ago

They didn't have any cool music like the BF3 teaser trailer and that cool reverb sound.

No great teaser trailers.

plus it all comes right on the heels of BF3 DLC.

MaxXAttaxX1843d ago

No, because it was nothing but flash and little substance. Watch the gameplay reveal again and observe the bare-bones gameplay.

BattleAxe1843d ago

Looks like another boring campaign. Bad Company 1 and 2 were great games, but especially Bad company 1. I wish they had released Bad Company 1 on PC and had it available as a download from the Playstation Store. I'd still buy it if I could get it on the PSN.

aawells071844d ago

Nothing is ever good enough.

PygmelionHunter1843d ago

Nothing is perfect but things can be "good enough". EA giving a s*** about variety over money this time around would've been good enough for me.

Mr-SellJack1844d ago

True,was disappointed myself,the sp feeling looks unchanged from BF3.LINEAR and utterly boring.This franchise is going downhill so far.BF2 and BF1943 sh*t all over BF3.They should've
revealed some mp footage or atleast information

SolidStoner1843d ago

agree on MP part, battlefield should go back to core, and focus on MP, that SP is only taking time and resources! and WTF is with that single player 17 min gameplay trailer.. ok it looks good, but it dosnt have to be revealed and get release date or something.. its just a gameplay video and the best part from Single player.. who in the hell is buying BF game for a single player..

TheBrownBandito1843d ago

"who in the hell is buying BF game for a single player.."

Me, what the hell has that got to do with you? If you don't like it, don't play it. Simples.

TekoIie1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


The point is that instead of a full SP campaign we could actually get something along the lines of more maps, vehicles and polish for the MP.

Maybe even that horde style dinosaur mode people were talking about. I know I'd take that over BF Campaigns any day.

brettyd1844d ago

Its was a single player reveal, idk what people were expecting. There isnt much you can do with that genre. Atleast it looked like they were trying to establish some characters. MP is what really matters in Battlefield.

BanBrother1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I agree, but they should have just showed MP game-play. Seriously, I was not impressed at all. Look at it again, other than better graphics, what else did it achieve? Nothing. Still going to be a boring campaign, the MP is where it is at.

Don't know about you guys, but I am not spending big cash on new consoles for prettier graphics, I want new innovative games. Battlefield 4, at least campaign wise looks like it will be another boring military shooter campaign. Why did they not show MP?


No, Killzone was much better. The art-style and the feel of the campaign was great. BF4 just looked like another military campaign with better graphics, that is all. Disagree all you want, but just ask yourself what new it offered over todays military shooters.

Flavor1843d ago

If MP is what really matters they perhaps would have deigned to show it first, eh?

R6ex1843d ago

Glad they showed the SP. Its beautiful! Finally something to beat PS4 Killzone's graphics. Also, I'm not interested in the MP.

ijust2good1844d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

yep, BF looks upto CoD in many ways. I feel like BF franchise has become more CoD like in every iteration since BC1. The controls mechanic have become similar. The Michael bay like CoD inspired campaign showcase. Remember the F.A.G.S(Fight Against Grenade Spam) advert CoD/infinity did First and then dice did afterwards.

Many people won't admit it but BF devs look up-to CoD. Go ahead BF fanboys, click the negative button it will prove that i am right. I bet BF4 (ahem..3.1) will basically be the same as last one. Same large maps, same gameplay. Probably just add sea warship just as in Battlefield 1943, be it that was in smaller scale. Nothing new, Just next gen graphics.

secretcode1843d ago

Hitting a disagree button doesn't prove you are right. It just means people disagree with you. :\

franko1843d ago

Yea,now you can go back to your 8 yo teammates in cod and you can all start scream at each other.

ijust2good1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Hahaha COD is 18 rated dumb ass...Look at the reasont million euro competition. Most of them are my age 20 plus. Its clear that BF fan boys get but hurt when u say anything about there precious game. Sure, there are kids who play it but that's what happend when a game becomes super popular as CoD. When i was at school, everyone used to play an 18 rated super violent game that was GTA. CoD might attract kids aswell as adults its certainly not as popular as porn, kids watch that all time. So Porn is for kids too right? cause kids watch it as much as adults.

You can talk bad about CoD, i don't care, don't hurt me at all. I know most of u will still be buying it and still hate on it. I admit i still hate on CoD more than any game but i also admit i still play it more than another shooter and still hate on it. The feeling is when u play CoD and then play BF u appreciate COD more. Gamers as a whole would rather play a fast paced quick game of Team Death match than a long running game of Rush.

I have played all battfield from 1942 to BF3. BF is fun for about a month and after that only die hard fanboys play it. Its not even in top 5 xbox live most played anymore. Anyone who ever played CoD can easily get to grips with BF controls. The control layout is basically the same as COD. The only difference is that BF has huge maps with vast amount of waste of space for such a small amount of player count and lacks fast action...yes, PC has more player count but who cares about PC gaming. Maybe BF franchise should remain on PC since its vastly superior than console version right?

@secretcode yes it does matter about people pressing the disagree button. If i said CoD was for kids i bet it would be agreed many times over. If i said BF has become more CoD like it would be disagreed many times over despite most of them will buy CoD every year. BF fanboys have more extremist. Its clear, they would press the disagree button. It would only prove that i am right.

I bet million that CoD will be best selling game next year and it will outsell BF4 and most importantly be most played on xbox live and PSN charts. I also predict that BF fanboys and CoD hater will continue to hate CoD and yet most will buy it.

TheBrownBandito1843d ago

"...its certainly not as popular as porn, kids watch that all the time. So Porn is for kids too right?"


TheBrownBandito1843d ago


Ner ner ne ner ner!

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