Top 10 games we want on next gen platforms

The top 10 current generation games that need to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720.

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Hitman07691839d ago

Can't wait for GTA V on PS3 and 360 and would love to see them next gen.

WillM171838d ago

Call of Duty with all new Engine at 60 fps

KosmoCrisis1838d ago

I would be interested in a cross-up FPS. CODvBF

If Capcom can do this with SNK and Tekken, then why can't something like this be done in the realm of first person shooters?

KosmoCrisis1838d ago

Also, maybe we'll finally get a future where we can play multiplatform online gaming. PS3 and PC are doing it. I'm sure there is a Xbox360 to PC game, but I'm talking all systems go.