Why We Love The Kingdom Hearts Franchise "For quite a few of us, Kingdom Hearts is the bread and butter of gaming. However, we understand that there are many gamers that still don't understand the appeal of the franchise. In fact, many gamers may continue to skip the series this year even with the chance at a HD compilation. So for those who are still on the fence, here's a highlight of what makes Kingdom Hearts such a special series."

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TheLyonKing1873d ago

Kingdom hearts is a game I can't write enough how much it impacted my life.

From the plot to the beautiful music to th concept which flowed beautifully together. The gameplay mechanics and the voice acting are top notch. I haven't connected to game as I have with KH.

My tattoo is the four star dragonball with Soras crown over it :)

mephman1873d ago

It's kind of crazy how much the story has connected with gamers throughout the years.

3-4-51873d ago

These games are just as much apart of our lives as anything else...not just this series but all games.

Kratoscar20081873d ago

1&2 were good, it went downhill after those, at least in the story department it has become a nutcase.

Pyrrhus1873d ago

Generally I can agree with the idea that the story has taken many twists and turns and it can start to get confusing (because not everyone has every console for the games). They really needa make 3 and close out the series.

Kratoscar20081873d ago

Sora has so much other selfs that isnt funny anymore :/

KH 3 could launch at the same time as FFvsXIII

the_bebop1872d ago

A lot of People who have played BBS and DDD would probably say otherwise.

Muigi1871d ago

They need to at LEAST show a teaser for KH3.