Sega: Dealing with the console transition, mobile boom, and Sonic (interview)

GamesBeat: Sega’s been awfully quiet about making noise in mobile and digital. They’re obviously active in both spaces, but we never seem to hear much about it.

Or maybe that’s just us not doing our jobs. We recently interviewed two executives from the online and digital sides to find out where the company’s at during this console transition and recent boom in mobile, and they were quick to point out their big successes there (naturally). But they also recognize the huge challenges that still face them. How does a once-king in hardware — remember the Sega Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast? — deal with this new age of too-many platforms?

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AronDeppert1841d ago

I still mourn the death of the Dreamcast occasionally by plugging it I'm for some Crazy Taxi.

miyamoto1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Sega Sega Sega
Please know who you really are and live up to your full potential.
Thou has spread your self too thin when you have the best franchises like the OLD SEGA.
Revisit what made you great during the Genesis era.

jimbobwahey1841d ago

I think that Sonic Generations is the best game they've put out in a really long time.

SybaRat1841d ago

Funny that they're still publicly touting Aliens: Colonial Marines as a property of note.

Sadie21001840d ago

I thought the same thing.