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What would an Always Online Xbox requirement mean to Microsoft gaming? Would it help Microsoft fight piracy or keep honest users from spending their hard-earned money on the next-generation console?

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Knight_Crawler1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

More 720 articles incoming.

Edit: @ the choonsenone - Yes that true but have you been living under a rock for the last few days?

This topic has been discussed millions of times since the Adam Ortha tweet and I think people are tired of seeing these types of articles.

Go look at the top page on N4G on tell whats on top?

thechosenone1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

It's an important issue that needs to be discussed now, not later and since MS has decide to be the first one to step forward on this issue, well then it gets what it rightfully deserves. But this has the potential to affect all platforms and all gamers not just MS/Xbox, we need to keep this issue in the spotlight and we need to keep yelling and screaming as loud as we can so they can understand our feelings clearly on this issue that we didn't ask for and don't want intrusive & restrictive DRM on our consoles.

TekoIie1843d ago

Thing is its no longer big news. We had the entire site spammed with what was effectively duplicates of the same story over and over again on a rumour which has an equal chance of being true and false.

More discussion on it doesn't really add anything now. We know what it offers and what Gamers stance is on it. Only thing left to do is make sure we still hate it and that MS takes notice of the hate towards it.

andrewsqual1843d ago

@thechosenone Don't worry about the other consoles. The Wii U doesn't do this and Sony confirmed after the Playstation Event that used games won't be blocked (to an unknown extent) and that you most certainly will be able to use the console offline.
What Microsoft does won't effect these consoles or their owners in any way and as usual Microsoft will do its own thing like locked proprietary accessories and online fees for standard online play like they always have. People accepted it before, how will what they do next be any different?

M-M1843d ago


Yeah it's not big news, I didn't this issue on the homepage of Yahoo or anything.

kenshiro1001843d ago

You do realize this will be a huge blow for Microsoft and gaming if true, right?

Supermax1843d ago

Deal with it people that have 360 s now will buy the next one same goes for ps3 to ps4
It's 2 day old news move on

iGamerZero241843d ago

Always on doesn't bother me ! But if its offically true , the gaming world will go berserk

_LarZen_1843d ago

Always online will be devastating for Microsoft.

Adolph Fitler1843d ago

I really hope so....but somehow I think MS fanboys are soooo dumb, they will still buy 720 in droves.

They supported them by paying to have the internet TWICE,......they supported them & kept buying new arcade consoles & swapping out the HDD's, when there old ones suffered the RROD, & they supported them when they shut down inhouse studios before said inhouse studios had even released there games, thus not allowing these developers to prove themselves & there product, with sales (see Halo Wars & it's developers (whose name eludes me at present) for the best example).

So, I will certainly not be buying a 720 at this point, & unless this always having to be online to play any of it's games STRONG "RUMOUR" turns out to be BS, I won't EVER buy a 720.
Then there is the whole fact that MS are getting even more rushed by Sony's imminent console release, than they were with 360, & MS don't have a good track record with rushed hardware, but, on that whole RROD fiasco, at least 720's failure rate couldn't be any worse, as a little talked about fact is that the failure rate for AT LEAST, the 1st 2 yrs worth of 360's manufactured WAS WITHOUT DOUBT 100%. So, that being said, the only way it could be worse is if this time when they overheat, they burn your house down, & this time, instead of getting anywhere from 2weeks to 18months from your machine, you get 1hr before your machine makes a loud snap, crackle & pop noise & smoke arises from your new shiny MS Windows 8 badged lump of melting plastic.

This always on crap, blocking of used games & such, is a huge step in the wrong direction for gamers......& I think that if things keep going that way & MS win with this crap, then the console & gaming industry in general, is going to suffer a 1980's meltdown. As, I am already being scared off by $100 digital download versions of games....I mean, if these bastards are trying to con us out of $100Au for a digital version of a game, when it's still competing with a retail copy with cover, instructions & disk that is going for $89 or $79, then what the hell are we going to be charged for a game, when there is no longer any such thing as hardcopies of games anymore? We are gonna have our bum holes raped HARD.
So, I will do everything I can to ensure hardcopies stay around for AS LONG as possible. I have a Wii-U already (hey, I wanted Zombi-U, leave me alone, as I now know it wasn't worth it for that one game, although I didn't expect I'd still be waiting for something else), & I know Nintendo won't be in any hurry to throw away hardcopies of games just yet, as they realize that, casual sales is where it's at for them, & casuals don't buy digital download games.......I mean, most casuals aren't even getting online with there machines, & don't care to, so, they are not going to be stupid enough to throw away THE MAJORITY of there sales numbers that Wii proved they were capable of getting, to go the whole digital distribution ONLY route. That would be dumb, & financial suicide for a company like Nintendo.
Anyway, I will have a PS4 to go alongside my Wii-U, PS3 & 360, but I think MS's 720 will have to be overlooked this time around.

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