Always-Online, Would Be A Terrible Business Decision For Microsoft's Next Generation Xbox

Forbes - The next Xbox may have an always-online requirement, according to sources across the internet. These back up earlier leaks that suggest the next-gen video game console will be “Always Online, Always Connected.”

We live in a world of constant internet connection. At least, in the developed world having an internet connection is basically like having heat and electricity and running water. Most people who end up purchasing next-generation video game consoles will have them online all the time.

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Knight_Crawler1845d ago

More 720 articles...just what N4G needs.

Well hopefully E3 comes fast as I am sick of all these 720 articles on N4G and these rumors are making people forget that the PS4 needs love too.

indysurfn1845d ago

Consider if Microsoft servers went down no games. Consider if your internet bill was late no games until next pay check. Consider in just your area the internet was down no games(often). Consider if satellite went down during a storm no games. Consider just your cable modem was down when you got home Friday, no replacement until Monday no games.

indysurfn1845d ago

Right now I can use VBA, and Yahoo messenger to record what anyone is doing that is on my yahoo friends list. I can even tell the webcam light to not come on. And record the sound. That is just a single programmer. Now consider Microsoft has this Kinect in the machine that can tract you moving, four different people. What if I DIDN'T want that while I'm not playing video games? What if I actually wanted privacy. Forget conspiracy theory, that would be fact. What if I don't want someone tracking which machine my game is currently in? What if I want to be able to sell my machine in the future? How much control will I have on all the game? Will their be a lot of people that want a machine with a lot of JRPG's and shooters on it for what I want to sell it at? What about all the games attached to it(since Microsoft is not denying even that). In 2005 like fools all those loyal Sony fans brag they WOULD work a extra job, and pay 600-2000 dollars for a PS3, and they got what they asked for! Which is why PS3 got behind in sales and lost the 'war'. Let the X-bot tell Microsoft we will be EX-bots because we are not going to pay a lot for this muffler! Don't be the blind pledger of loyalty. I'm not buying one if this stuff is true.

Gimmemorebubblez1845d ago

Stockholders #justdealwithit

Prcko1845d ago

you don't say...
i still hope this isn't true

stage881845d ago

That gif is actually quite worrying.
Definitely getting PS4 for next gen.

Why o why1845d ago

this is getting too much....lets gets some gaming news approved. we get it. AO is Crap If True....until then......urghhhh

-Mezzo-1845d ago

But this is Xbox720 News, a Next-Gen GAMING Console.

CommonSenseGamer1845d ago

Its an opinion based on rumour. Please explain how this is news.

Why o why1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

nothing against you mezzo...Its just unanimous already. Nobody thinks this is a great idea except the xtreame fanatics and Microsoft IF true.

Its getting to the point where some are spinning this glut of negative press into some don draper'esc masterstroke marketing plan by ms.

greenpowerz1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

People getting all worked up about this online rumor. If people really had real info on the xbox 720 and this was real there would be other specs and plans leaked that are more important to gamer fans of the xbox and haters.

No one finds it odd the rumors are just about *always being online* but nothing else? This always online rumor conviently picks back up a day after the leaked two GPUs in the 720 LMAO

I'm Glad MSFT won't respond to rumors and speculation. N4G blocks all the good rumors of the 720 and only allows the bad.

Don't respond to me with that *it was a April's Fools Joke* crap. The rumors of the 720 having two GPU/APUs is months old. An insider with info or understood the specs trolled the info, planting it on April first where this rumor could get the most attention to discredit the info.

Media is trying to force MSFT's hand led by the opposition of MSFT and the two GPU news angered a lot of trolls.

All this is about the opposition's fear and the media's exploitation of it.

Software_Lover1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

This is what I really want to happen, and I'm being serious.

I want Microsoft to show the console, games, and be all spectacular. People are waiting and anticipating "always online" or "blocking used games" to come up. When the presenter says thank you at the end the music starts playing and he walks off the e3 stage not saying a damn thing about it. The lights go out and everyones jaw is on the floor because they didn't say anything regarding the rumors. Then 10 secs later he runs back on stage and the lights come on......

Oh yeah I forgot, no used games will be blocked and you can play games offline, if anyone wanted to know.

then walks back off stage. I would piss my pants.

IronFistChinMi1845d ago

He has to drop the mic as he exits as well. Lol

indysurfn1845d ago

I agree it is always just about being online. Just like back in 2005 the PS3 news was always about it costing 600plus instead of the traditional $300. There where constant rumors until finally it was by Sony confirmed with bragging! The thing is it is obviously a test market to see the reaction. That is why they retracted the tweets without denying the rumor. MICROSOFT in my opinion just like Sony did in 2005 are testing the reaction! They got many a blind loyal Sony fans that said they where in for a high price and they got what they asked for. And since most did not buy until price drops years later, they missed the chance to win the war. Same will happen if Microsoft fans are just as big a set of douche bags!

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