Cool Bits - Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon's Hidden References

GameXplain: "In this Cool Bits, we take a look at a ton of secret gaming references in Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, including a famous movie reference, a music track from Mario Strikers Charged, and a cameo from a Donkey Kong Returns enemy, and more! Thanks to SkittyMario for the Donkey Kong Country Returns cameo tip and xRoyal64 for the elevator music one!"

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dennett3161875d ago

This game is great much charm and variety, and tons of loot to scavenge for. If you have a it. If you don't, seriously consider getting a 3DS to play this game...then also get Mario 3D Land. And Professor Layton. And Ocarina of Time. And Mario Kart. And Fire Emblem in a little while, and the new Pokemon later in the year.
Just get a 3DS and enjoy the games...forget smart phones and tablets, handheld gaming doesn't get better than 3DS.
Hell, get a's worst game still kicks the butt of any smart phone game out there.
The best game for phones and tablets is GTA 3 for goodness sake, and it's almost gimped by the rubbish touch screen controls.
Angry Birds will kill 10 minutes, Dark Moon will keep you going for hours and is a FAR more rewarding game.