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Cool Bits - Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon's Hidden References

GameXplain: "In this Cool Bits, we take a look at a ton of secret gaming references in Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, including a famous movie reference, a music track from Mario Strikers Charged, and a cameo from a Donkey Kong Returns enemy, and more! Thanks to SkittyMario for the Donkey Kong Country Returns cameo tip and xRoyal64 for the elevator music one!" (3DS, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Retro, Wii)

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Eternalb  +   573d ago
Those are cool!
newsguy  +   572d ago
dennett316  +   572d ago
This game is great BTW...so much charm and variety, and tons of loot to scavenge for. If you have a 3DS...buy it. If you don't, seriously consider getting a 3DS to play this game...then also get Mario 3D Land. And Professor Layton. And Ocarina of Time. And Mario Kart. And Fire Emblem in a little while, and the new Pokemon later in the year.
Just get a 3DS and enjoy the games...forget smart phones and tablets, handheld gaming doesn't get better than 3DS.
Hell, get a Vita...it's worst game still kicks the butt of any smart phone game out there.
The best game for phones and tablets is GTA 3 for goodness sake, and it's almost gimped by the rubbish touch screen controls.
Angry Birds will kill 10 minutes, Dark Moon will keep you going for hours and is a FAR more rewarding game.

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