'Destiny' may give bonuses for 'Halo' players, even on the PS4?

Bungie has recently hinted that those who have played its Halo games may be soon rewarded in there upcoming Shooter Destiny. Even if they pick the MMO-ish shooter up on a Playstation console?

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NastyLeftHook01875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

neat for people who like halo.

@aviator,189, nice, i have a 2 bullet wounds on my back from getting shot from phoenix police, i have the scars to show it.

sengoku1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

that's cool of them.
i'm looking forward to there next game,
defo getting it on PS4 so it'd be nice if i can get the cool unlockables on there too.

a_bro1873d ago

hey. At least you can qualify as a Rapper now.

aviator1891875d ago

I've played all of their Halo games and I even have that neat HALO emblem on my Reach gamecard to show for it.

kayoss1875d ago

I have a feeling that the Halo series will be porting the PS4 or PS3 soon.

aviator1891875d ago

are you referring to the actual halo franchise?

if so, I don't see that happening as ms owns all rights to the halo franchise. only way that would happen is if ms decides to close shop on their console business and sell the halo rights to a publisher or sony or back to bungie.

Gamer-401875d ago

Destiny on the Ps4 it is a Halo killer. I think.

Typical-Guy1875d ago

Oh please, not this again!

Gamer-401875d ago

Ok, not a Halo killer.
But Destiny Ps4 version the best version.

Typical-Guy1875d ago

Well, I'd hold off saying that until Bungie themselves say what is in the PS4 version!

Moncole1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Its an MMOFPS and a multiplatform. In order for it to be a Halo killer it needs to be a exclusive for Sony or Nintendo with amazing MP and a great campaign.

adorie1875d ago

CoD Killer it is,then. Hopefully... Lol...

kayoss1875d ago

@Adorie, "CoD Killer it is , then. Hopefully..."
I dont think you have to worry. CoD dont need another game to "Kill" them. They will surely do that themself. I dunno bout you, but i got tire of them releasing a CoD every damn year.

Moncole1875d ago

Why would you want that? Any game that is the COD killer will be filler with 12 year olds and casual gamers. You can compared CoD to other games because its a casual game like Angry Birds that everyone buys.

nthstew1875d ago

bungie are the creator of halo after all so there is high chance will beat halo in every aspect ..
#large scale of map with high details
#open world
#map customization for multiplayer
#more options than halo in gameplay
#more guns
#lots of stuff to do

sorry Microsoft halo 4 was bit disappointing for me

thezeldadoth1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

not defending halo, but really how many gamers want to play a massive world shooter? They never do seem to work out for very long.

Large scale/open world does not immediately mean better game.

josephayal1875d ago

Destiny is Halo 5, Except Destiny doesn't have Halo in its name

spicelicka1875d ago

Lol omg what kind if jealousy do u have against halo that you need reasons to label "halo-killers"?
And you just hadd to say "ps4 is the best version" just so you could satisfy your fanboy thirst, even though they havent showed the next xbox version, neither have they shown enough of the game to make anyy sort of judgements.

Why do you even care?

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Typical-Guy1875d ago

I like Halo and I'm definitely getting Destiny on PS4.

BanBrother1875d ago

I hope they do this. That way we are not constrained to the Xbox version. A lot of people have played Halo and would prefer the PS4 version.

BattleAxe1875d ago

I think they know that "gamers" who currently own a 360, will be moving over to the PS4 in droves.

NeverEnding19891875d ago

LMAO. I wonder how fast that'll change when Microsoft announces their next gen console.

Way to compare systems in different though. The PS3 creamed the gamecube!

thezeldadoth1875d ago


i love all this talk when the only graphically next gen system announced is the ps4. You know nothing about the next xbox or steambox.

this site really just cannot grasp that N4G does not even come close to representing the majority of gamers. 99% of gamers arent here circle jerking it with you guys over sony.

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