EA's Confident Response To Criticism Shows That Gamers Are All Talk

GR writes: "Reading through CEO Peter Moore's response to EA being nominated as the Worst Company in America it becomes apparent that all the complaining over the years has amounted to zilch. Nothing. Nada. It seems like every week there's a new discussion about why EA is the devil of the gaming industry. Shortly after, it hits the top of software sales charts with more than one title and drives revenue that keeps it growing like The Galactic Empire."

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knifefight1959d ago

Everybody said it!

...It's just they also didn't do anything about it!

Conzul1958d ago

OUCH! When you're right, you're right.

I'm going to avoid BF4 in favor of Shadowfall.

NYC_Gamer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

We could sit here all day on the internet and type out anti EA comments but that doesn't stop the average gamer from buying BF4 and other EA software

BanBrother1959d ago

I'm not all talk. If I say something, I stick by it. I own no Activision games, and the only EA game I own is Bulletstorm. Most are rentals or borrows from friends. I laugh at those with no self control. It makes them seem weak and pathetic IMO. I don't mind people buying EA products, but at least don't bitch and moan when you get ripped off for the 50th time.

Majin-vegeta1959d ago

Moore stated in his post yesterday that 45 million users are now registered to the service. It looks like EA won that battle.

Wait you have to register either way if you want to see your stats from games??.So yea...not exactly 45 mil.

majiebeast1959d ago

Only reason Simcity sold is because it was a long requested sequel same for Diablo 3. Just look at Crysis 3 and Dead space 3 those games didnt have such favorable sales numbers.

Sanquine901959d ago

Oke, let's vote with our wallet:D

Conzul1958d ago

I will if you will =D
Well, actually, I will regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.