13 videogames being made into films

Den of Geek has been through the production lists of Hollywood again, and uncovered a wealth of console and computer games coming to the big screen....

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monkey6023724d ago

A devil may cry movie? Sweet!

Also they forgot the animated Resident Evil film

longduckdong3723d ago

They need to make a movie from Leisure Suit Larry. I would buy the Unrated version on bluray the day it comes out. Promise.

jadenkorri3723d ago

OMG best one next to MSG movie and devil may cry..the sands of time had such an awesome story...however it probably will seem more like a tomb raider movie thou...but if done right..could be great

Fux4Bux3723d ago

Kinda pathetic that Hollywood is so far out of ideas they're stealing from every game possible no matter how stupid the concept.... I mean Everquest movie wtf?

Tempist3723d ago

Hey they let Uwe do a D&D game movie.

freediro3723d ago

God of War was supposed to be made into a movie! i couldnt imagine anyone besides a big name director and producer to do this movie because it would be so expensive and so hard to pull off!

ryuyasho3723d ago

once expressed his thoughts as to whom he would like to direct a GoW flick, and among them was Paul Verhoeven(RoboCop,Total Recall,Starship Troopers), Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

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The story is too old to be commented.