Why timed exclusives is a waste of resources

Rumors surfaced the other day about an upcoming announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and EA. While I’m sure this won’t mean exclusive games, it most definitely will involve exclusive content and timed DLC deals. This is a bad practice.

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MariaHelFutura1927d ago

Timed exclusives are ridiculous, regardless of the platform. Unless, it's a super small studio that just can't develop them simultaneously.

Knight_Crawler1927d ago

While I do agree with you from a gamers perspective I have to disagree with you from a business perspective - take Mine Craft for example, the game is a 360 console exclusive and has sold over 1 million on the 360 and I can tell you that some casuals bought a 360 just to play MC.

Also Call of Duty time exclusives benefits MS alot when it comes to console sales.

kreate1927d ago

I highly doubt a casual gamer bought a 360 just to play minecraft. Assuming the gamer didnt have one from the beginning.

dcbronco1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )


That is what too many don't get. I know they believe they are special to companies but it's always about money. Companies will be good to you if the two issues can coexist. Everyone can agree that a large number of the original 360's failed and are most likely dead. Yet that timed deal for CoD made the 360 version sell more copies. By a couple of million. At ten dollars a copy that is a good business win. The 360 has fewer consoles live. Yet it sold more copies.

But there is no reason to believe they can't be doing an exclusive title. MS has more than enough money to get it done. It's not as if Sony is the only company that can get a third party exclusive. It's not like MS owns Epic. It is the smarter way of doing things. Look at what they have and give them a check for exclusivity.

sway_z1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Timed exclusives are utterly pointless from the gamers point of view.

However, it must generate more sales for the console manufacturer, or it would have been put to sleep a long time ago.

I fully expect MS to draw the 'Timed Exclusive' card again throughout next gen. Especially with the industry buzz concerning MS and EA. Who are reportedly snuggled up in bed, making digital babies together. But you won't hear the end user complaining.

For the record, I'm anti-exclusivity.

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Jek_Porkins1927d ago

People complain because Microsoft goes out and does this a lot, but I don't ever see a complain when Sony does the same thing, but a lot of the time Sony doesn't get timed content, it's content that never comes to another console, which is worse in my opinion.

Timed content clearly works though, look at COD, I cant count all the times people were choosing which console to buy it for and then bought the 360 version because it has the maps first, hell when the games advertised on TV it just says Xbox "Jump In" and it never mentions another console.

I don't think it's a waste of resources because if you are an Xbox Live Gold member your paying for that content, paying for the exclusive beta's, demo's and content, as well as the features and things like that. It's a crafty business move, but it has really paid off when done right ie. Skyrim, COD and GTA.

punisher991927d ago

"People complain because Microsoft goes out and does this a lot, but I don't ever see a complain when Sony does the same thing,"

Because its not about Sony and MS. Its about these developers/publishers selling themselves out. Game developers these days dont care about gamers. They care about who is going to give them that extra cash first out of Sony and MS. Why dont these developers support their fans equally across all platforms?? Why must they show favoritism?? Because for them, its all about the almighty dollar.

Jek_Porkins1927d ago

Because they are a business and like every other business it's about making money.

In a day and age where third party games are the most important commodity, companies are eager to offer an edge and that age is usually accepted.

dcbronco1927d ago

Punisher if I'm a developer and someone offers me an opportunity to avoid some of the risk involved with gaming I would be thankful. Developers having to be looking at companies go out of business around them and feel as if they are in a shootout. If someone offers a shield you are a fool to turn it down.

punisher991927d ago

"Because they are a business and like every other business it's about making money."

Okay yeah. You are not wrong about that. But, they would make that money if they would just sell that DLC evenly at the same time across all platforms. Instead of settling for that quick buck from MS or Sony, they would make more money over the long haul.

Jek_Porkins1927d ago

No they wouldn't, because if you were going to buy DLC, you're going to buy it no matter who has it first. Plus the developer gets the money for the timed exclusive content.

I understand why people get angry over it, but as someone who owns every console and buys a game for a certain console based on DLC and timed content, you have to understand that it's a business and it does improve sales from time to time.

Exclusives are losing importance, there will be less and less third party exclusives next generation, so the edge will be who can get the better experience with these huge AAA third party games.

RonRico1927d ago

No, that's not true that someone would buy the DLC no matter the release date. A game looses it charm a little after a while and that DLC might not be so appealing of it comes out a few months later than another console. I was looking forward to the Skyrim DLC on PS3 and see what happened.

dirthurts1927d ago

I don't mind timed content. I'm a pretty patient guy.
What drives me nuts is characters and content that you can't have because it's only available on other platforms.
That's just kicking around the customers.

Y_51501927d ago

There are exceptions. Like it makes sense that Kratos was exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

dirthurts1927d ago

Makes sense? Yes, but it still sucks.

ShaunCameron1927d ago

That's because the IP is owned by the hardware-manufacturer.

@ dirthurts

It is what it is. You want God Of War? Either get a Sony console or do without. Sony doesn't owe owners of rival consoles anything.

Typical-Guy1927d ago

This gen was all about Timed exclusivity and HD remakes and collections.... I hope next gen brings new games, new innovations, new IPs. Not a freaking exclusive level or a map.

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