The Future of Indie RPGs - Indies of the Round Table #2

What Does the Future Hold?

Last month, The Rampant Coyote introduced the "Indies of the Round Table." This consists of a panel of indie computer Role-Playing Game (RPG) developers who emerge from their dungeons and secret laboratories where they are laboring on their latest projects so that they can discuss various topics concerning their craft. They range from experienced vets with years of experience doing what they do, to new developers making a splash with their freshman projects; hardcore to casual; freeware to commercial; single-player to massively multiplayer game makers; and hardcore to casual.

This month's question: "Assuming it won't expose any of your secrets for world domination, could you peek into the crystal ball that was issued to you with your license to make RPGs, and tell me what you think the future holds for indie RPGs in, say, five to eight years? What, if anything, might be different from the landscape today, both in the games themselves and how we obtain and play them?"

The developers respond.

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