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Always-Online Xbox: Gamers Will Roll Over and "Deal With It" Because They Always Have

A look back at all the barks and none of the bite. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hellsvacancy  +   965d ago
Very true indeed
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Why o why  +   965d ago
the pc crowd, despite some of them being labelled elitist, stood together and told MS to eff off when they were told to pay for live. ms got the message quick. Us console owners are way to weak when it comes to standing up for our principles to the point we actually make excuses for these companies to shaft us. With the pc crowd Ms had no choice but to listen and drop the fees....to appease whoever they upped the live charges down the line for the xbox guys, what did we do....FOLD...lmao, and lol@myself for folding too just for the sake of sky player #ourownblood4lube
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ATi_Elite  +   965d ago
Well said my friend very well said.

Us PC Gamers don't take crap from No One, we have a voice and power that Devs, Pubs, etc. respect.

Now as far as always Online Drm/ always on it really NO big deal.

consoles are gonna get so many MMO's next Gen that your gonna be constantly connected to a server anyway.
MariaHelFutura  +   965d ago
I stuck to it and ironically the 360 games I was most interested in were generally SP games. Ex. Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia, The Witcher 2 and so on.
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InSpectre  +   964d ago
"Now as far as always Online Drm/ always on it really NO big deal."

Rumors suggest an internet connection will be required for the console to even function. If you want to play a single player game with no multiplayer and/or dlc like Bioshock for example, or watch a movie. You cannot do this without being connected.

That's very different from all devices out there (consoles, pc's, phones, tablets) that still function perfectly if there is no internet access.

I think people find that strange.
Cocozero  +   965d ago
Obviously, everyone saying "I'm jumping ship" were never going to get the next Xbox to start with. If they were considering getting one they would have the common sense to wait to hear from MS.
MariaHelFutura  +   965d ago
Stop being so sour and just deal with it. :]
liquidhalos  +   964d ago
I fully intended to get the next Xbox but if the always on rumour is true, then simply put, I cannot get it as I'm one of the unlucky ones who lives in an area with somewhat unreliable internet. So I'm forced to switch to Sony. I'm not the only person in this boat so if the rumour is true I expect other people will be forced to switch too.

Not every reaction is a result of fanboy love. Sometimes reactions are the result of common sense and logic. For me common sense says I can't spend a few hundred bucks on something that won't work properly unless the government release more funding for telecommunications to sort out rural internet issues.
NYC_Gamer  +   965d ago
It's gonna be accepted because comments made by people on gaming forums don't represent the average gamer outside of cyber space...
Godmars290  +   965d ago
Sadly, this is true.

But it would be nice if even in the face of such, some held to their convictions.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   965d ago
Pride before the fall.
NastyLeftHook0  +   965d ago
here is the truth.

people have a voice, but very few use it. and those who do make real world changes.

nothing any person on a computer is going to do will ever change the real world.

and the truth is that i know many people who want a playstation 4 who only own 360's. they dont say "im jumping ship" they just want one because in the real world there gamers.
d0nT wOrrY  +   965d ago
Maybe that's true, but it will definitely hurt sales horribly, especially in countries that have poor internet connection.
LOL_WUT  +   965d ago
This what I was saying paying for live just to play online didn't stop people from buying an Xbox 360 and neither would this. ;)
Knight_Crawler  +   965d ago
Not sure why people are disagreeing with you but what you say is true.

XBox Live has over 50 million paying customers while PSN is free...people have an option but the choose to pay.

Also if the RROD fiasco did not kill the Xbox I do not see how this will if it is true.

People just need to chill and watch MS conference come E3 before they jump the gun.

Also can someone submit a PS4 article please...all this talk about a console that does not excise is getting kind of boring...I mean the top page on N4G has been plastered with 720 articles.
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MrBeatdown  +   965d ago
Xbox Live doesn't have "50 million paying customers".

They have 46 million active accounts.


Last year it was 40 million, and Aaron Greenberg even said it included Gold and free accounts.


And a few years before that, Microsoft said about half pay for Gold.


If that percentage holds true, it's probably closer to 25 million who actually pay. Compared to 80 million 360s out there.

Clearly, a lot of people buy an Xbox without the intention of playing online, or even connecting it.

It's not exactly a great sign people will just "roll over and deal with it" when it comes to upgrading from a 360 to a next-gen Xbox that requires a connection.
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Majin-vegeta  +   965d ago
Wrong only the clueless morons will.If you actually have some sort of brain you would be against it.
Godmars290  +   965d ago
Okay. But the same holds true for Sony. They got a camera and their social network which includes some "ESP" function which means they'll try to use your profile to anticipate your likes, and auto download demos if not full games onto your system.

I don't like like the sound of that. And I own all three PS.
Jakens  +   965d ago

I hope I can turn that "feature" off. Same goes for any ESP features.
Gamer-40  +   964d ago
"... And Microsoft will survive without you, because you're in the minority now. Go ahead, buy a PS4. Microsoft doesn't want you..."


So always online/block used games TRUE! Yes, i go and buy PS4 and WiiU. No problem.
RuleofOne343  +   964d ago
Am over it ,now release my next Xbox.
prettyboy12  +   963d ago
i dont know if your serious or just a delusional fanboy
Hicken  +   963d ago
Delusional fanboy. But he's still serious.
RuleofOne343  +   963d ago
I have bigger issue in my life , for me to worry about this not being one of them. So yeah am over it and awaiting my multitasking console impatiently.Not delusional just not concerned with the feelings or wants of others.
prettyboy12  +   963d ago
more like we americans will deal with it...WELL NOT ME!

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