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GamersNexus: "This CPU liquid cooler round-up aims to benchmark and review the Corsair H90 & H110 and NZXT's Kraken X40 & X60 CLCs (140mm and 280mm radiators, respectively).

We'll outline the specs for each unit before delving into the basics of how liquid coolers function (being that this is our first review of CLCs), the objective performance data, and other notes."

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ATi_Elite1810d ago

COrsair FTW!

Right now you just can't go wrong with ANY Corsair product

Coolers, SSD, PSU, Ram, etc. it's all very good performance and quality!

adorie1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Hey, ATi. Do you use their liquid cooling solutions? Because I have been wanting to overclock beyond 4.4ghz (stable on air) to 4.8 or maybe even 5, but I want to be safe doing so and I'm frightened of leakage!

If I can get a handle on liquid cooling, I'll take it a step further and do the GPU. GPU is OC'ed using MSI after burner, my clocks running 980, stable.

decrypt1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )


I am using a 3930k CPU. Overclocked to 4.5ghz.

My setup uses H80 Liquid cooler. You cant really go wrong with one of those. Unless you decide to build a liquid cooling setup which is a whole new level of performance.


Sure they are pretty sub standard compared to a custom kit. It would be like comparing a Dell to a Cusom built PC there is no comparison.

However Closed loop coolers are still pretty darn good and way ahead of any heat sink you can get. Also they avoid the mess with custom designs.

Custom Designs are for situations where you want to go past 5ghz imo. If you target around 4.5ghz a closed loop should be fine.

dirthurts1810d ago

I really like the all in ones they have out these days. They work surprisingly well, and generally are much quieter than running massive fans.

Lelldorianx1810d ago

Leakage isn't generally an issue with CLCs... they're factory-sealed and tested, so you're safe on that front.

As for OC'ing -- if you don't want a proper custom/open loop cooling solution, CLCs make a good mid-point for high OCs. Air coolers actually perform almost as well as liquid for the sub-4.8GHz range, so there's not much point in buying liquid if you're below 4.8GHz (and the right air setup will be fairly quiet, too). If you're going 4.8+, like you suggest you are, then liquid will run a bit more reliably and at reasonable dBA levels.

ATi_Elite1809d ago

yep I'm using the Corsair H100 and so far no problems.

It was recommended to me by a trusted source and like I said I have no problems with anything Corsair.

My Core i7 2600K is at 4.5GHZ gonna wait a full 30 days before bumping it up to 5ghz

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PeaSFor1810d ago

im happy with my H100, my 2500k is @4.9ghz on the lowest fan speed setting with a pretty decent temp on full load.

adorie1810d ago

An actual discussion. This is great. :)

What are your temps like, PeaSFor? (idle/load)

PeaSFor1810d ago

load=up to 75c but usually between 65 and 70c

@Rush, in the past i had builds with watercooling and its just too costly and futile for me right now, this time i went it the h100 and happy with my choice, "mickeymouse" or not, its doing the job for a small fraction of what the whole watercooling materials would cost me.

Rush1810d ago

The all in one pump/rad/cooler kits from Corsair are mickey mouse compared to a self made water loop.

They are decent yeah but hardly compared to a real self designed water cooling set up.

Even the very best ones are like a 5/10 in cooling performance.

sovietsoldier1809d ago

closed loop is nice for beginners, you know they have to start somewhere.

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cyguration1810d ago

The common response from non-core PC users:

"Dat nerd talk"

spartan_dx1810d ago

good information very tempted to get the h100 specially with summer around the corner

gamernova1810d ago

I love corsair man! I got my psu, ssd, and their H100i as well as their m65 mouse :)

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