Get Your Fill of Hyperdimension Neptunia

Richard of writes "If you are a fanatic like I am, then hopefully this little piece here has helped in some way inform you of what is out there and what is about to be released in terms of the Neptunia franchise. From three released games, two games in the works, an anime series, a manga adaptation, and various other Neptunia items, you can get your fill of the series in any way possible so you can show your love for the series."

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H4all1807d ago

it's a great game..
i wan't it on my handheld..

abrrrra caaadabra..

Arcee1807d ago

I agree with you one hundred percent on that issue. I wish I could play the three games on my Vita. But the two coming out in Japan, and hopefully here, are for the Vita, so there is some hope.