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5 Games to Avoid This Year

"Every year, games are released surrounded by a media blitz designed to get the game in your face and ready for consumption. These teaser trailers and preview events are created with the sole purpose of getting you to buy a specific game because you think it’s going to live up to that hype or its predecessors. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that some of these games aren’t worth the $60 you spend on them." - Stealthy Box (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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BattleReach  +   661d ago
Can't agree with this article. Assassins Creed IV will be a fantastic game, and for mothers Wii Fit U will be a great game. And I pre-ordered Dead Island Riptide yet, the original was just fun to play with friends.
DasTier  +   661d ago
Yep, even with all its issues, Dead Island is one of my favorite Zombie games ever.
blitz0623  +   661d ago
I agree with this. I am avoiding all those games this year
RonRico  +   661d ago
Yup, Dead Island was really fun in co-op with friends.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   661d ago
I agree with the list.
Sue me.
Dark_Overlord  +   660d ago
I'll be avoiding DIR for a while, after the glitch fest that DI was (I brought it after all the patches) I'll wait for others to confirm the game works before buying it :)
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AliTheSnake1  +   661d ago
Asking Assassin's creed to stop is really stupid. AC3 had the biggest innovation. And AC4 looks like it's gonna be basically red dead redemption pirate themed and assassins. If it was called red dead pirates you would like it. Assassin's creed games should keep coming as long as they are decent games. btw money they get from AC is what makes games like WatchDogs . Skipping Dead island is also stupid, unless you have no friends to play with. The moment we finished dead island we wanted more.
grailly  +   661d ago
of course we would like red dead pirates, because red dead redemption was actually a good game.
HammadTheBeast  +   661d ago
Just cause AC3 was "innovative", why should AC4 get away with not being innovative? Basically they're cashing in on peoples' love for the ship sections, and it looks the same as AC3 along with a blend of Revelations.
MaxXAttaxX  +   661d ago
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag sounds cool, but it's still Assassin's Creed.

And if they started development on this game along side AC3, it means they haven't had the time to learn from their mistakes. Because seriously, AC3 was flawed.
ShinMaster  +   660d ago
Assassin's Creed games always sound cool. But that's about it.
DylnCox  +   661d ago
Assassin's Creed will soon be just as the beloved Call of Duty series... a yearly rehash - and to say it's any different is ignorant.

AliTheSnake1  +   661d ago
You know if they took a year or two break. you still going to get the same game that was planned .
I just don't understand how AC 3 was "milking" Please someone explain, all I see is brainless "dislikes". Again I didn't play AC 3 on launch so I didn't get most of the bugs some of you got.AC3 was innovative big time for me. You know what's funny ? Half of you say AC3 sucked because the assassinations were not like the other AC games. The other half say It sucked because It is the same thing over and over as before.Double Standard
violents  +   660d ago
Im playing AC3 right now and loving every.minute, cant wait for black flag either, ill admit there are a few drawbacks in AC3 bit overall a very good game.
Donnieboi  +   661d ago
I will definitely be skipping AC 4. It needs a break.
Conzul  +   661d ago
I'll be skipping anything that requires an always-on-internet-connexion. I don't care how AAA it is. Hope AC IV doesn't fall into that category.
ThreshStar  +   661d ago
So, the two franchises that have horrible release builds, non-stop glitches, half-baked concepts and borderline lying with their advertising means one thing:

You believe broken, half-finished products are good. I cannot in good conscience ever take you seriously as a decent, moral gamer.

In the great words of Billy Madison: "May God have mercy on your soul".

Yuck. Gonna need a shower after your comment.
CapsLocke  +   661d ago
AC will be the same game as every year, Uni is milking franchise bad.
-Superman-  +   660d ago
Why Avoid or not avoid?
Liberalism - Freedom
People choice what they want to buy and play. Why just block players who are interested in Dead Island or Wii U fit?
People should have freedom to buy what ever they want.
Zhipp  +   660d ago
Whateva! I'll buy what I want!
Godmars290  +   660d ago
The issue with AC4 - the whole franchise as it currently stands - is that by aiming for one every year will be low quality of story, and little to any chance of making up for mistakes in a prior game. If there's a bad or ill conceived mechanic and its carried over, its going to continue being bad 2-3 more games.
DasTier  +   661d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Riptide and Black Flag are two of the best games this year.

It definitely won't be hard for them to surpass the level of the previous entries in their respective series.
Conzul  +   661d ago
Ah....yes, it WILL be hard for them, because they are at best generation-gapping. If they were for 720 or PS4 only, THEN they'd easily surpass prior installments.
BanBrother  +   660d ago
Haven't played AC3 yet, played all the others. Revelations was a disgrace. Fun game, but the story was so obviously rushed to get it out the door. I didn't even know thengame had ended until I got the trophy.

Ubisoft will release AC4 broken or not. I do not trust them after Revelations. Disappointing to say the least.
matrixman92  +   661d ago
i will be buying riptide and AC4
IcyEyes  +   661d ago
Wii fit U will help a lot to boost the sale.
ziratul  +   661d ago
He who wrote this is complete idiot.

AC IV: Black Flag is my most anticipated title this year. I will buy PS3 version.

I don't want to compare ACIV with ACII they will be two completely different games. Why so much hate for AC IV???
PockyKing  +   661d ago
Because it's "cool" to hate on everything that's popular and sells well. It's so annoying, considering half the people here who complain and bitch will end up buying the game anyways.
DavePSU  +   661d ago
I skipped AC3 entirely. I'll be skipping ACIV as well. Has nothing to do with a game being popular or not. I'm also a huge AC and AC2 fan as well.
RememberThe357  +   660d ago
I've played all the AC games on console and I'll be playing AC4 as well. I didn't really like AC3 and I didn't like Conner so I'm glad he's gone, but AC4 looks dope.

Apparently it's become cool to hate on AC, but everything I've seen from AC4 makes me want to play it.

I have to agree with rpd below, he stated my thoughts exactly. This series has kept my attention over the years so it's doing something right that someone else hasn't done better.
ziratul  +   660d ago
ACIII was different. I got bored with Italian Ezio... ACIII environments, quests were really something different and new. I agree game has problems... oh well... every game has problems.
rpd123  +   660d ago
I don't know. Regardless of yearly release, Assassin's Creed is always enjoyable. Once it stops being fun, then I'll have a problem with it. I have to believe some people just hate it because it's popular to hate it. Black Flag is one of my most anticipated, just as AC games always are for me. If a franchise can bring me back for more every year, then they're doing something right.
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Jek_Porkins  +   661d ago
I loved Dead Island, and it was absolutely a blast to play with friends, so I'm getting Riptide for sure. Assassins Creed gets a lot of hate now, but the games are always fun and never broken beyond fixing, so for $60 you cant really go wrong with those games if your a fan. The rest I probably wont get, but if your a gamer, you buy games.
fsfsxii  +   661d ago
COD 10 or 16 whatever i lost count
Yeah, thats my list, i'll be putting all my focus on JRPGs this year starting with Hyperdimension
RAYMEISTER  +   661d ago
All of em...till they drop in price :)
dasbeer88  +   661d ago
I won't be buying games that will require DRM.
Red_Devilz  +   661d ago
Amen to that!
WeAreLegion  +   661d ago
Terrible article. Terrible choices.

I'm WTFing and NOing this site. -_-
MeatAbstract  +   661d ago
I dunno about Assassins Creed IV. I wasn't at all impressed by III and it looks like they basically took the ship mechanics from the third game and build a game around it.

I haven't even completed AC3 because I was so bored of it.
GABRIEL1030  +   661d ago
I take note of these overexploited and bored sequels thanks¡
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   661d ago
ill be getting Lightning Returns
Run_bare  +   661d ago
Same here
rammstein91  +   661d ago
except lost planet 3 the list makes sense,since ubi change ac into annual repetitive game i'm alienated from the series..and i dont even condescend to comment on l4d knockoff dead island
No_Pantaloons  +   661d ago
I'm blown away by some of you, that article was spot on!

AC:BF is yet another rushed half-assed sequel, with new gimmicky additions and more ship combat. I've beat them all and its been downhill since brotherhood, not to mention how they're going to even tie it in after that ending (AC3), but their not milking it.... sure.

I actually liked dead island, but it gets boring after a while. No replay value and a weak story. This one will be better, but not spectacular by any means.

Another sorta FF13 game no one asked for! Yup that's hitting the bargain bin after a few weeks.

Wii Fit U I doubt simply because those casuals still don't even know what the wiiU is. To sell that you've got to sell the system and its tablet. It's not intuitive like the wii where they see it and understand.
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rpd123  +   660d ago
I was under the impression AC4 Black Flag won't be released until November. When did you get a chance to play it? Oh, that's right, you didn't.

Milking implies that the quality of the product is bad. Compared to previous installments, AC3 had a badly paced story. But to say it was a bad game is ridiculous. The revamped combat system, new weapons,being able to climb trees,tons of side quests, and the sheer size of the world to explore all made it a great game. The story could have been handled better, but it was still enjoyable. It may not live up to the reputation of AC2 (none of them do in my opinion, in terms of story anyway)but it sure as hell made as many changes as AC2 did that made it feel fresh compared to Brotherhood and Revelations.
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Evil_Ryu  +   661d ago
I agree 100 percent with this article i will be keeping away from all those titles
Roccetarius  +   661d ago
I'll be staying at a good distance from these games as well. This is spot on.
KaBaW  +   661d ago
I'll be picking up both Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Dead Island: Riptide.
Not sure when I'll pick up the both of em, but I'll have both eventually.
Eyeco  +   661d ago
I agree 80% with this article

Dead Island Riptide Hated the 1st thought it was broken buggy, glitchy, combat was unrewarding and clunky just a chore to play, the new one looks exactly the same.

Lost Planet 3- I actually like these games for personal reasons

Assassins Creed Black Flag- I won't be buying this for the same reason I won't be buying COD MW4, Fifa 14, Madden ect

Lightning Returns - Square Enix is dead to me nuff said

Wii Fit U- Lol
Greyslash  +   661d ago
I agree with Dead Island and Asscreed, Dead Island 1 was one of the worst games I've played this gen, and Asscreed was always a mediocre game. Lost Planet may be a sleeper, and who knows, maybe Lightning Returns will do something right.
BlueEye  +   661d ago
I look forward to Riptide and Lightning Return and some dude on the internet is not gonna change my mind. Not much of a fan of AC but I bet it will be fine.
Neko_Mega  +   661d ago
Assassins Creed: Black Flag I will get the PS4 one and I'll even order the L.E. one too.

The other games I don't care for, when it comes to AC. The first one was good and then they started going downhill an then AC3 came out. And it finally made me want to play it again, as for the online..... Don't care for it, the only games I will really play online is games like COD and Battlefield.
Twinzclipz  +   661d ago
we must avoid Call of Duty and Battlefield
Baka-akaB  +   661d ago
whatever you guys say , i'm buying AC4 , I still enjoyed ACIII and look forward to the pirate angle . Some people are full f it and have short term memory , the first ac game was bashed like crazy at release , but now they backflip and declare their love for it ?

Somewhat good but incredibly repetitive and dull was the consensus among many mags and sites back then .
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Jyndal  +   661d ago
Funny thing is that AC3 had the game return to many elements of AC1. The eavesdropping, the broken up levels you had to travel in between. Anyone who enjoyed the first AC should have been thrilled with AC3.
Baka-akaB  +   661d ago
So far i've enjoyed them all , except brotherhood wich , i guess for good reasons i didnt purchase . People can act all jaded and tired if they want , not even a clone has stepped up to the plate and is proposing a somewhat history focused sandbox game (except , and from way way afar stuff like Ryu ga Kotoga Kenzan)
spektical  +   661d ago
eh i love some assassins creed. love the historical elements. I will get it.
BladerunnerZX  +   661d ago
Looking forward to Lost Planet 3.

Im burned out on Call of Duty. MW3 was the last COD that I even remotely enjoyed. After the lackluster Black Ops 2 I have no interest in COD.
Jyndal  +   661d ago
This article is pointless.
ThreshStar  +   661d ago
How about this:

How about we as gamers, NOT buy these games that will be broken, glitch-ridden, and ultimately underwhelming so-called "AAA" titles at full price.

Instead, by them no more than $30.00. That way, game developers will think twice in assuming that unfinished games = full value.
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Novistador  +   661d ago
enjoy spending 60$ on 10hrs of gameplay.
MidnytRain  +   661d ago
I thought that was a pretty decent deal for a good game...
ifritAlkhemyst  +   661d ago
Where does Lost Planet 3 fit into this? We've seen almost nothing on it. The rest I agree with. After AC3 I'm done with that series for sure.
Yodagamer  +   661d ago
I think it's got more to do with the dev behind it. Spark unlimited's best game was finest hour and even that was considered average, but the author forgot to mention that as i assume that is why he feels everyone is going to be disappointed with it
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