FIFA 14 – Surprise For Latin America?

Could the Chilean and Latin American market be in for a treat?

Yes. According to Daniel Gonzalez who’s the director of marketing and PR for EA Latin America. Speaking recently during the launch for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, he was quoted as not only as saying that FIFA 14 would launch on Thursday the 26th of September in Latin America but also that there will be some interesting surprises for the Chilean and Latin American market.

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coolmast3r1876d ago

EA, maybe a totally new engine for 14? No? Okay...

pompombrum1876d ago

We will most likely see it for Fifa 15. Around this time next year, the world will be going world cup crazy and EA will release a Fifa 15 new engine beta in the form of a world cup game.

Sameh1876d ago

Makes sense, and also no point for Fifa 14 considering it'll crossover onto PS4.

Drakesfortune1876d ago

i dont think there will be a new engine until world cup, i remember when the 360 came out, they showed of a new engine in the form of the road to the world cup..

so who knows...

2pacalypsenow1876d ago

but also that there will be some interesting surprises for the CHILEAN and Latin American market.!!!!!!!!! yes

e-p-ayeaH1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I predict some extra licenses.

wirapuru1876d ago

As a Brazilian I'm sad but rightfully accepting that.