5 Reasons To Get Hyped About Metal Gear Solid V

WC - Metal Gear Solid V, the ninth major game in the series, was recently announced as a two different games: Ground Zeroes (prologue) and Phantom Pain. The trailer gives many tantalizing tidbits about what to expect. What does it mean to the Metal Gear Solid newcomer? What does it mean to those who received the “Big Boss” code name on their extreme playthroughs of the games?

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Heisenburger1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Mgs 1.
Mgs 2.
Mgs 3.
Mgs 4.


Peace Walker *HD?

ShinMaster1991d ago


1. It's
2. Metal
3. Gear
4. Solid


AHall881991d ago

1. Hideo Kojima
2. Hideo Kojima
3. Hideo Kojima
4. Hideo Kojima
5. Hideo Kojima

Heisenburger1991d ago

Definitely more thought out than my amateurish attempt at a list.

;) haha.

Really my only reason is Big Boss. MGS3 was my first Metal Gear game. I fell in love with Eva and she broke my heart. And Boss? Don't get me started(lol).

I am playing through Peace Walker again in anticipation of the new Metal Gear.


AHall881991d ago

Peace Walker is probably my favorite MGS, each game in the series seems to vastly improve on the gameplay some how.

1991d ago
xabmol1989d ago

It might come with MGO! *crosses fingers*