Top Ten Games From LucasArts

"It’s quite the sad day as we pour out a little blue milk for the studio that has been delivering video games from far,far,away for the past 30-plus years. " |

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Monkey island 1 & 2, maniac mansion, day of the tentacle

ATi_Elite1715d ago

I'm sure the list is gonna be jam packed with games with Star Wars in the title.....

but Monkey Island 1 & 2 were pretty good.

StreetsofRage1715d ago

What's that one game where you had a gun that shot sharks? A fun shooter from last gen.


long before the days of internet connections, the hundreds of dollars made from summer jobs, and gamestops on every corner, for an entire summer my siblings and i gamed only off of an old nintendo 64 long after its games were even in production because that was all we had. in that time, in was seriously nothing but glover and star wars pod racing. what a horribly depressing summer that was...


T3MPL3TON 1715d ago

The fact that 80% of the list is star wars games is annoying.

Heisenburger1715d ago

Idk man. :) They made some great games. I personally adore the monkey island series.

It's just the author's opinion bro.

Why so serious?

birdykilla1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I agree with KOTOR being number one, hell its number one my all time list.
#2 Half-Life 2
#3 Far Cry 3 it was close to becoming #1 just a few issues with QTE and boss fights held it back. Also crocs should be swimming around not hiding in marshes. Sharks should hunt in packs not just 3 at a time. I would have love to been able to fight underwater instead of again QTE. Should of kept Vaas alive longer. Hell Jason kept coming back from the dead why not Vaas!

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