How does the grass in The Last of Us stack up against high-end PC titles?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "While grass and foliage in video games may seem like an inconspicuous thing, the tech behind rendering each blade of greenery is often considered to be one of the many forms of benchmarking a game’s technical prowess. To render each and every blade of grass in a forest can be computationally and graphically taxing and is often the first thing to be left on the cutting room floor.

We take a look at some of the hi-res screenshots from The Last of Us, courtesy of PSMania to see how it stacks up against a few of the titles on high-end PCs and some on current gen consoles."

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ATi_Elite1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Ok the Last of Us and Crysis all have nice grass but I'm gonna give the Lawn Care Award to (drum roll)

Arma 3.

Arma 3 has great grass, grass of all types and many colors as the game takes place in so many unique areas like coastal lines, desert, thick bush, etc..

PLUS Arma 3 has DYNAMIC GRASS, the grass will go from standing up to being crushed when you walk or drive over it.

TekoIie1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Very nice! Gets a little dodgy when prone but then again every game suffers from that and it still looks better than the competitions.

Winter47th1297d ago

but but wut abowt teh 1080p60fpsL33tPCsex yoz!

ShinMaster1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

It's important and key to the gameplay experience...

*sigh* some people just focus on trivial BS.

nix1297d ago

pfffttt... nothing beats the grasses in "Flower".

Rhythmattic1297d ago

My mates grass is bitchin' and only costs me $20

sengoku1297d ago

to me the last of us looks like the best game by a long shot.
the grass is the least of my concerns (but it still beats most of them)

Hellsvacancy1297d ago

Remember Mafia 2, that had no grass on the PS3 version, I remember the articles explaining how weak the PS3 was because of it

TruthbeTold1297d ago

Definitely. And speaking of Arma 2, gotta throw a quick shout out to DayZ. Buggy and difficult as I don't know what, but it's as close to the feel of 'The Walking Dead' as we have right now.

morganfell1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Until you kneel, lay, or crawl on the grass in Arma III and then...drumroll... it does the same thing it does in Arma II...and VBS2...and VBS2 2.0. It flattens in a weird unnatural pattern that is completey distracting. By unnatural I mean flattening in waves before you even get to it.

Where it applies, and it doesn't in most games but should in Arma III, interaction > appearance.

andibandit1297d ago

Next up, how does "the last of us" nose hair stack up to high end pc's

brave27heart1297d ago

Im sorry, the grass on a PS3 game is inferior to grass on a PC game? No sale for me then.

When will devs realise that the average gamer lies awake at night dreaming of the perfect grass? Just fields upon fields on perfectly formed individual blades swaying on the breeze. We dont care for features, story or characters. Just give us the grass already.

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Mounce1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Wait wait....PS3 can do Grass? I thought the joke was that PS3 can't do grass....

ShabbaRanks1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

are you talking about Mafia2 lol ?

Edit: Kay I can finally see the pic and I was right lol, boy that pic hosting site is awful btw

Mounce1297d ago

Yea, Mafia 2, Shabba!

I don't know why I got so many 'Disagrees' though, apparently some PS3 fanboys can't take a joke even though I prefer Sony-branded hardware....the meme of PS3 can't do grass was fucking funny back then when Mafia 2 was bloody launched

Some whiny kids can't take a joke apparently, ;o 16 Disagrees? Sheesh! Butthurt has limitations PEOPLE! lol.

ShinMaster1297d ago

Thought it was only an issue with Mafia 2, not all other games.

gedapeleda1297d ago

Clearly people not getting the joke.

Minato-Namikaze1297d ago

Lets you know that some devs are full of shit and some are naughty dog.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1298d ago

Im gonna go out on a limb and say who the hell cares about the grass in last of us? -_-

ChrisW1298d ago

Even if they said that you could sit and watch it grow?

WarThunder1297d ago

Lol the grass on Gears of War 3 looks like s**t!

rezzah1297d ago

I do, but not to to the point where it is a deciding factor between buying or not.

If the grass is done very well then you know the devs paid attention to small details. This is a good thing.

CalvinKlein1298d ago

mario 64 has he best grass.

The best thing to look at in video games is how realistic the toilet water is when you flush it.

Lior1298d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
-Superman-1297d ago

There is no reason to disagree.
Yeah, those Last of Us images has AA, and looks clean and very nice, but ingame it has no AA and does not look soo good.

But we are talking about console which cost right now 300 us dollar, has blu-ray, and from 2006, then it has petty good grahpic.
Really, doesnt, matter.
Im going to buy Last of Us, i play, and i will like it.

If we going to talk about grass, then Crysis 3(PC) is clealy winner, but again, limited 2006 spec vs unlimited pc.

delboy1297d ago

Those TLoU pictures are from cut scenes.

-Superman-1297d ago

I mean we saw Uncharted 2 and 3 images too, 1080p full with anti alasing, but ingame it was only 720p and no anti alasing at all.

SlyGuy1297d ago

Finally we can get that lawn-mowing game I have always wanted.

judith321297d ago SpamShow
Drakesfortune1297d ago

@hellsvacancy I remember that, it was hilarious. Xbox fanboys where having a field day

Flavor1297d ago

Is this article serious....

aida11hu1297d ago SpamShow
TheXonySbox1293d ago

crysis on PC had this before it became console driven port. lol

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dirkdady1298d ago

Surprising how well PS3 grass stacked up to PCs.

Pandamobile1297d ago

From press renders maybe, but when it's running in real-time on a PS3 it'll be a different story. One thing that the PS3 is notoriously bad at is dealing with lots of transparency in a scene (grass, particles, leaves, etc)

Kennytaur1297d ago

With such a high focus on vegation, I think ND will run some post-filter, similar to the one used in God of War, to smooth the transparent textures and jaggies.

TLoU looks amazing and is far more impressive than Crysis 3 in my mind as it's built for old and relatively weak hardware, where as Crytek targets top-end PC hardware and isn't limited in the same way.

SonyStyled1298d ago

flower has great grass. props to tgc

DoomeDx1298d ago

Well tbh..The game is all about the grass haha.

Still amazing though

HammadTheBeast1298d ago

I thought it was about Flowers lol.

guitarded771298d ago

LOL... grass comparison. I have now officially seen it all.

NateCole1298d ago

All elements contribute.

abc12331298d ago

Next up is a rock comparison

Zhipp1298d ago

Rock comparisons were all over the place when DX11 and tesselation were introduced, lol.

Reverent1298d ago

Or maybe "Eye lash" comparisons...

Or "Grains of dirt under fingernail" comparisons...

Either way, it's getting sad at this point, lol.

abc12331297d ago

Wonder if it'll meet Donkey's standards

abc12331297d ago

Zork I graphics are on a completely different level wow. Crysis can't touch that.

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TekoIie1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

I love how all of a sudden the smallest of details means nothing. The hypocrisy in the comments here really says it all.

I know that many of the people here jump on the LOS articles begging for their console of choice to have such a minuscule and unnoticeable edge over the others.

Braid1298d ago

Are we comparing grass now? Jesus...

I myself am looking forward for the air comparison.