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How does the grass in The Last of Us stack up against high-end PC titles?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "While grass and foliage in video games may seem like an inconspicuous thing, the tech behind rendering each blade of greenery is often considered to be one of the many forms of benchmarking a game’s technical prowess. To render each and every blade of grass in a forest can be computationally and graphically taxing and is often the first thing to be left on the cutting room floor.

We take a look at some of the hi-res screenshots from The Last of Us, courtesy of PSMania to see how it stacks up against a few of the titles on high-end PCs and some on current gen consoles." (Crysis 3, Halo 4, PC, PS3, The Last Of Us, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox 360)
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ATi_Elite  +   965d ago
Ok the Last of Us and Crysis all have nice grass but I'm gonna give the Lawn Care Award to (drum roll)

Arma 3.

Arma 3 has great grass, grass of all types and many colors as the game takes place in so many unique areas like coastal lines, desert, thick bush, etc..

PLUS Arma 3 has DYNAMIC GRASS, the grass will go from standing up to being crushed when you walk or drive over it.

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TekoIie  +   964d ago
Very nice! Gets a little dodgy when prone but then again every game suffers from that and it still looks better than the competitions.
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Winter47th  +   964d ago
but but wut abowt teh 1080p60fpsL33tPCsex yoz!
ShinMaster  +   964d ago
Grass is serious business.
It's important and key to the gameplay experience...

*sigh* some people just focus on trivial BS.
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nix  +   964d ago
pfffttt... nothing beats the grasses in "Flower".
Ritsujun  +   964d ago
Eww armama.
Rhythmattic  +   964d ago
My mates grass is bitchin' and only costs me $20
sengoku  +   964d ago
to me the last of us looks like the best game by a long shot.
the grass is the least of my concerns (but it still beats most of them)
Hellsvacancy  +   964d ago
Remember Mafia 2, that had no grass on the PS3 version, I remember the articles explaining how weak the PS3 was because of it
TruthbeTold  +   964d ago
Definitely. And speaking of Arma 2, gotta throw a quick shout out to DayZ. Buggy and difficult as I don't know what, but it's as close to the feel of 'The Walking Dead' as we have right now.
morganfell  +   964d ago
Until you kneel, lay, or crawl on the grass in Arma III and then...drumroll... it does the same thing it does in Arma II...and VBS2...and VBS2 2.0. It flattens in a weird unnatural pattern that is completey distracting. By unnatural I mean flattening in waves before you even get to it.

Where it applies, and it doesn't in most games but should in Arma III, interaction > appearance.
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andibandit  +   964d ago
Next up, how does "the last of us" nose hair stack up to high end pc's
brave27heart  +   964d ago
Im sorry, the grass on a PS3 game is inferior to grass on a PC game? No sale for me then.

When will devs realise that the average gamer lies awake at night dreaming of the perfect grass? Just fields upon fields on perfectly formed individual blades swaying on the breeze. We dont care for features, story or characters. Just give us the grass already.
Mounce  +   964d ago
Wait wait....PS3 can do Grass? I thought the joke was that PS3 can't do grass....

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Reverent  +   964d ago
ShabbaRanks  +   964d ago
are you talking about Mafia2 lol ?

Edit: Kay I can finally see the pic and I was right lol, boy that pic hosting site is awful btw
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Mounce  +   964d ago
Yea, Mafia 2, Shabba!

I don't know why I got so many 'Disagrees' though, apparently some PS3 fanboys can't take a joke even though I prefer Sony-branded hardware....the meme of PS3 can't do grass was fucking funny back then when Mafia 2 was bloody launched

Some whiny kids can't take a joke apparently, ;o 16 Disagrees? Sheesh! Butthurt has limitations PEOPLE! lol.
ShinMaster  +   964d ago
There was a joke about that...?
Thought it was only an issue with Mafia 2, not all other games.
gedapeleda  +   964d ago
Clearly people not getting the joke.
Minato-Namikaze  +   964d ago
Lets you know that some devs are full of shit and some are naughty dog.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   964d ago
Im gonna go out on a limb and say who the hell cares about the grass in last of us? -_-
ChrisW  +   964d ago
Even if they said that you could sit and watch it grow?
WarThunder  +   964d ago
Lol the grass on Gears of War 3 looks like s**t!
rezzah  +   964d ago
I do, but not to to the point where it is a deciding factor between buying or not.

If the grass is done very well then you know the devs paid attention to small details. This is a good thing.
CalvinKlein  +   964d ago
mario 64 has he best grass.

The best thing to look at in video games is how realistic the toilet water is when you flush it.
ShabbaRanks  +   964d ago
scofios  +   964d ago | Well said
Flower anyone ?
Lior   964d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
-Superman-  +   964d ago
There is no reason to disagree.
Yeah, those Last of Us images has AA, and looks clean and very nice, but ingame it has no AA and does not look soo good.

But we are talking about console which cost right now 300 us dollar, has blu-ray, and from 2006, then it has petty good grahpic.
Really, doesnt, matter.
Im going to buy Last of Us, i play, and i will like it.

If we going to talk about grass, then Crysis 3(PC) is clealy winner, but again, limited 2006 spec vs unlimited pc.
delboy  +   964d ago
Those TLoU pictures are from cut scenes.
-Superman-  +   964d ago
I mean we saw Uncharted 2 and 3 images too, 1080p full with anti alasing, but ingame it was only 720p and no anti alasing at all.
SlyGuy  +   964d ago
Finally we can get that lawn-mowing game I have always wanted.
judith32   964d ago | Spam
Drakesfortune  +   964d ago
@hellsvacancy I remember that, it was hilarious. Xbox fanboys where having a field day
Flavor  +   964d ago
Is this article serious....
aida11hu   963d ago | Spam
TheXonySbox  +   960d ago
crysis on PC had this before it became console driven port. lol
dirkdady  +   965d ago
Surprising how well PS3 grass stacked up to PCs.
Pandamobile  +   964d ago
From press renders maybe, but when it's running in real-time on a PS3 it'll be a different story. One thing that the PS3 is notoriously bad at is dealing with lots of transparency in a scene (grass, particles, leaves, etc)
Kennytaur  +   964d ago
With such a high focus on vegation, I think ND will run some post-filter, similar to the one used in God of War, to smooth the transparent textures and jaggies.

TLoU looks amazing and is far more impressive than Crysis 3 in my mind as it's built for old and relatively weak hardware, where as Crytek targets top-end PC hardware and isn't limited in the same way.
SonyStyled  +   964d ago
flower has great grass. props to tgc
DoomeDx  +   964d ago
Well tbh..The game is all about the grass haha.

Still amazing though
HammadTheBeast  +   964d ago
I thought it was about Flowers lol.
guitarded77  +   964d ago
LOL... grass comparison. I have now officially seen it all.
NateCole  +   964d ago
All elements contribute.
abc1233  +   964d ago
Next up is a rock comparison
Zhipp  +   964d ago
Rock comparisons were all over the place when DX11 and tesselation were introduced, lol.
Reverent  +   964d ago
Or maybe "Eye lash" comparisons...

Or "Grains of dirt under fingernail" comparisons...

Either way, it's getting sad at this point, lol.
abc1233  +   964d ago
Wonder if it'll meet Donkey's standards

Related image(s)
abc1233  +   964d ago
Zork I graphics are on a completely different level wow. Crysis can't touch that.
TekoIie  +   964d ago
I love how all of a sudden the smallest of details means nothing. The hypocrisy in the comments here really says it all.

I know that many of the people here jump on the LOS articles begging for their console of choice to have such a minuscule and unnoticeable edge over the others.
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Braid  +   964d ago
Are we comparing grass now? Jesus...

I myself am looking forward for the air comparison.
KillNr3load14  +   964d ago
Were TLOU shots in game or pre-rendered.
Walker  +   964d ago
half of them are in-game !
pissed999  +   964d ago
Crysis, Arma 2 smoke this.
Console gamers always aspiring to be like superior pc gamers. Just buy a pc, become one of us. It's great suckers.

Edit: HAHA using VGA awards like they are credible. Very funny.
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WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
1) Most of us own PS3's and at least mid-range PC's. That's a normal gamer's current main arsenal, isn't it? You should at least acknowledge that The Last of Us is comparable to many top-tier PC games. I certainly can.

2) They gave Halo 4 best graphics over FarCry 3 and The Witcher 2. -_- I agree. That's ridiculous. The PC versions of those games were years beyond any console releases last year.
starchild  +   964d ago
Give me a break. Normal gamer's arsenal? I'm a PC gamer, but come on, that's just nonsense. I know gamers that have a Wii and Xbox 360, gamers that have a PC and 3DS, gamers that have a PS3 and a 360...in other words, there is no such standard as you claim exists.

Furthermore, as much as I love the Uncharted series, the grass in those games doesn't really hold a candle to the grass in a PC game like The Witcher 2. In Uncharted the grass is much more jagged and there is much less of it.

I withhold judgement of TLOU until I actually play it. Screenshots are very often misleading. We can already see, though, that the amount of grass is very sparse in the TLOU shots compared to Crysis 3.

And while Halo 4 is very nice looking for a console game, I agree that games like Far Cry 3 and The Witcher 2 on PC far surpass it.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   964d ago
Become one of you? No thanks. I don't like to pirate my games like 90% of you PC gamers and I like exclusives like Uncharted, GOW, and Killzone which you can't get on PC.
Lior  +   964d ago
Last time I checked Xbox had titles leaked and pirated a month before release also ps3 with the custom firmware
Mr_Writer85  +   964d ago
He didnt say there wasn't piracy on console at all. Just that its a much higher rate on PC, which he has a point.

However there is no concrete evidence either way.

Anyway back on topic.

Ofcourse a high end PC's grass will look better, PC's can be upgraded in many ways, what would of been fairer would of been comparing the Last of Us grass to a PC game that has the equilvent specs as the PS3.

You see this is what PC gamers don't get. Yeah your games are prettier but so what? Surely FUN is more important? And people who are PC gamers only are more jealous of console gamers.

Why you ask? Because of the games, you only have to look at the shit storm Alan Wake made, or the fact you PC gamers had to BEG to get Dark Souls.

And that you are all mardy because Red Dead probably won't ever come over, and you are sweating about GTA 5.

Lots of games >>>>>>> better graphics
Eiffel  +   964d ago
Well you wouldn't get Killzone, but you'd get it's all flash and no substance just as mediocre equivalent. It's called Crysis.
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Theangrybogan  +   964d ago
I also like the fact I know a game will work on my ps3/360 and if it doesn't I just go and get it replaced or get my money back, on PC if a game doesn't work I've got to f#ck around and work out if its the game on something wrong with my rig, make sure drivers are up to date, see if other software is interfering ect.

But the true gamers get them all! (tic)

Except the wii U (vtic)
grimmweisse  +   964d ago
Ah no thanks! Definitely don't want to be anything like you. Please tell me when console gamers aspired to be so called "superior elitist" pc gamers?

Last i checked consoles have far better exclusives compared to PCs. That fact that consoles can produce great games without needing to buy a $500 gfx card every few years is fantastic.
Nick_515  +   964d ago
That's funny. Going by the pictures, The Last of Us' grass looks better than Crysis 3, so how can you even say anything? We won't know anything about the movement or physics until it comes out. And Arma 2? Really? From what I've seen, that grass is crap.
Snookies12  +   964d ago
I'm a PC gamer with a really nice rig, but I also love console gaming. Then again, I'm an actual gamer who just enjoys games no matter what form they come in.
puamdefokejpn  +   964d ago
Most of PC gamers,.. aren't really a gamers,.. You are so pathetic that 7 year old 200usd console beats your machine,..

You don't get a console for a f**king crysis ,.. You get it for games,..

You cannot play God of war (3,new one), Last of US, LBP1,2, Rachet(at least 3 this gen), Sly, Granturissmo 5, Uncharted 1,2,3,..Heavy Rain, Twisted Metal, FF13(meh) and all of great jrpg's such as valkyria chronicles, Demon Souls,.. Killzone2,3,.. MGS4 ,..all great PSN exclusive AND METRIC TONS of other games that are amazing,.. Your machine cannot touch these games,.. even if you paid 5k+ usd for it

Crysis3,.. give me a brake,.. Only thing that may be worh it is from what I played it was ARMA3alpha,.. and that comes a year from now,.. And I have a monster rig and I cannot max out that,..And it is not the most amazing thing I've ever seen,.. just how Arma renders and calculates all the crap at once,.. same was with operation flashpoint back in a day,.. you basically need to rebuild a rig, for 2000usd.. or wait a generation.
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TronEOL  +   964d ago | Well said
It doesn't matter how many High-end PC titles you compare to the Last of Us, or Uncharted, etc. You'll never have ANY of these games. Most PC games look incredible when taking photos, but I'll always prefer watching gameplay of something seemingly as dynamic as the Last of Us, or even as intense and polished as Uncharted 2 (if you like movies and good little, fun stories like Indiana Jones, or have a likable personality AT ALL, you'll enjoy it).

You'll never catch me watching Crysis 3 gameplay videos and enjoying it. But you will catch me being "wowed" by still shots of Crysis 3. Crysis 3 is the super model (lacks substance), while Uncharted/Last of Us are all natural and fit pretty girls (or guys, if you like that sort of thing).

Consoles OBVIOUSLY won't have the meat that you can get on PC, but Last of Us is made on 6 year old hardware and can make console gamers laugh at most PC games. IE: about 95% of PC games.
cyclindk  +   964d ago
Well said, my 3 GB HD 7950 struggles with the major grass levels in Crysis 3 all do to poor optimization, bugs. Doesn't matter what other settings I change, the grass movement itself is just buggy on my setup.

It's sad it takes so much power just to get some visual boosts which aren't MILES ahead of, as you stated, "6 year old hardware."

Only REALLY big differences are if you go the extra step and drop a thousand or so on a full gaming rig.

But for me, just bumping up memory and a high-endish card, the improvements are noticeable, but meager when compared with what can be done all due to optimization.
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hellvaguy  +   964d ago
Bugs and Amd cards (for the pc) kinda go hand in hand.
cyclindk  +   964d ago
I would wager that Crysis 3 does the MOST with the application of physics and such to their grass, but the other foliage in that game, namely bushes and such, are VERY run of the mill.

So far we are very much still in the "generation-now" in the grass department.

Hopefully that changes soon.

Hell one of the best examples of grass is still Metal Gear Snake Eater and that was on PS2!!!

Albeit lower resolution than today's games on the whole, but it was ridiculous, not to mention the field of daisies...




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ZoyosJD  +   964d ago
Yeah, physics optimizations in C3 were really bad on PC, especially hanging ropes/chains...

I've seen some really good grass mods in skyrim, but they bring the best rigs to their knees.


Note the FRAPS counter at: "yes, you read that right, 8". Apparently it was done on a 1200MHz 670. A couple of OC titans might just make that playable.

Talk about a waste of power and money.
hellvaguy  +   964d ago
Actually the best cards (nvidia 690 or Titan) that get taxed by Skyrim are running resolutions of 2500x1600 with 3 monitors. Consoles are at least a decade away or more from doing that. Is it ridiculously overpriced, lol yes. But let's kinda try and state the full facts here.
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HmongAmerican  +   964d ago
Keep in mind that The Last Of Us render the whole character body in details and the environment. While, game like Crysis only renders the guns and hand.
cyclindk  +   964d ago
Actually, I'm not sure about the ENTIRE body, but you can look down and see your legs from about thigh downward when crouched. Maybe a little torso? But not too sure.

I'm with you though on The Last of Us, really next level stuff, the epitome of this generation in my opinion.

I really think people will be surprised by how fluid and interactive they have been able to make their games now. A kind of seamless ballet of movement and gameplay that most games simply lack. It takes a really triple A group of devs to do this quality work.
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Pandamobile  +   964d ago
False, in Crysis 3, they render the gun and hands, the first person body (torso, legs), as well as a full character model which is used for physics interactions (with the grass) and casting shadows.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   964d ago
Really grass? Who look at grass in video games? I don't even look at the grass in my yard.
grimmweisse  +   964d ago
Maybe you don't have a yard?
Rivitur  +   964d ago
Pfft who needs a yard? Living underwater is where it's at!
Rask  +   964d ago
The site has gone down?
Elite_737  +   964d ago
I'm not sure if the author is being dishonest or is just unaware that those screenshots of "The Last of Us" are from the pre-rendered cut-scenes (from the trailer). But to the author's credit, it's hard to tell it's pre-rendered because they pre-render it using the game-engine itself, and not some sort of CG rendering software like V-ray or Mental Ray. This allows them to use higher quality lighting, textures, and models without losing the 'look' of the game, making the transitions between gameplay and cut-scenes more seamless. The uncharted series did the same thing.

All that being said, the game still looks very good. It has some of the best lighting and real-time soft-shadow effects i've seen in all games. The only thing that is annoying me is the textures and low resolution. I've been playing on PC for the past year, i kinda got used to native 1080p. I just hope they release it on the PS4 in near future after it launches, because my ps3 broke a year ago and I really don't feel like buying another one just for this game and Beyond: Two Souls.
CGI-Quality  +   964d ago
I wouldn't expect PS4 releases of either of those titles (and rightfully so). They are PS3 experiences, that's where they should be played. You'll just have to sit them out.
OrionNoctis  +   964d ago
its called optimization a word many people dont get...
Max-Zorin  +   964d ago
Grass is being compared now? The world is truly coming to a end. I can see it on Youtube comparison videos now. ''Left side grass have some screen tearing, while the other side is clear''.
TheRealSpy  +   964d ago
Who gives a shit about grass?
GarandShooter  +   964d ago
imsocool1234  +   964d ago
I'm surprised this article wasn't from Lens of Truth lol.
medman  +   964d ago
The author's been smoking too much grass.
kenshiro100  +   964d ago
landog  +   964d ago
last of us will be awesome, can't wait to rent it

but visually, its last gen, it doesn't even compare to pc games from 2007

lol...and i LOVE this FAKE pic;


lol...naughtydog....theres actually people who think the game will look even 10% of that....thats pc quality right there.....here's a real pic of last of us;


watch that in fullscreen....look at those jaggies and sub hd textures, THATS what the game looks like! look at those doorways and windows twitching all over the place....honestly....pc games from 2006 crush that....heck...half life 2 from 2004 looks better
#20 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Ezz2013  +   964d ago
you must missed the part were
they said that part was alpha-stage didn't you ?!

the latest preview for this game
said this about the latest build:
""Graphically, The Last of Us is gorgeous and even at the early stage that we had experience with the game, you could see just how much the team put in to making it a fabulously looking game. Backdrops are detailed with incredible finesse, derelict interior environments look fantastic and the animations of each of the characters look and feel impressive. The way Joel lumbers over obstacles, while Ellie is quicker and more spritely feels spot on and perfect within the context of the survival horror genre and the characters themselves."
and the other previews all of them praise the GFX in the latest build

here the latest build video watch the new stuff in the trailer

by the pictures even The Last of Us's grass looks better than Crysis 3's grass lolXD
i just love how pc fanboys try way too hard to downplay it
keep it coming guys
#20.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
M-M  +   964d ago
1. The second comparison is a video, not a picture.

2. Watching a Youtube video in fullscreen with all of the compression artifacts is not the best thing to do.

3. That's not a fake picture.
tachy0n  +   964d ago
One does not simply compare FULL HD graphics to SUB-HD Graphics...
Tommymk2  +   964d ago
Metal gear solid 3 had nice grass n look how old that is ;)
AlphaJunk  +   964d ago
Yeah, I'd say its easy to focus on doing grass when there is only 4 characters on-screen - how can you even compare this to games like Crysis series and war games with much more going on?!!! Idiots comparing apple to oranges!
GarandShooter  +   964d ago
The real idiots are those comparing the hardware.

They're the same idiots chest thumping over a Corvette beating a SmartCar in a race.

They're the same idiots exuding personal achievement and self worth over something with which they had nothing to do. (unless you guys are chip designers at Nvidia or AMD or ...)

They're the Kramers feeling like total badasses over besting the little kids in karate class.
talisker  +   964d ago
I just thought:
31 May, we get to play the demo
11 June, the biggest E3 ever starts, we see PS4
14 June, we play TLOU

That will be a celebration!
Orionsangel  +   964d ago
It's still running on a 5 year old console. You're always left wondering how much better it could look on a PC.
gazgriff2k12  +   964d ago
the answer is better not miles better but better it will still play the same though
Neko_Mega  +   964d ago
Not to many games take the time to make the grass look real or even look like grass. I mean thats the last thing anyone would care to look real.

But its nice to see some developers take time to make everything look good and that shows they really put work into it.
#26 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   964d ago
WOW the last of us looks very good.
JackVagina  +   964d ago
An article about grass.
coolmast3r  +   964d ago
This is N4G, bro.
coolmast3r  +   964d ago
Crysis 3 has the absolute best looking grass ever created for a game. Every single blade of grass has it's own physics model and it's just insane. YouTube videos on Crysis 3 are good but when you're playing that grass filled level yourself, you realise how this game is packed with a cutting edge technology. Currently it's the most technically advanced game ever.
gazgriff2k12  +   964d ago
And is boring and generic
BuryYourHead707  +   964d ago

Have you even beaten Crysis 3?
The game is far from boring, and it has surprisingly good storytelling.

First FPS sequel that made me want to play the originals.

Don't complain because you have to play C3 on a console and others get to max it out.
#29.1.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
coolmast3r  +   964d ago
We're talking about techical aspect of games, not about their "originality".
BuryYourHead707  +   964d ago

Oh I know, Crysis 3 excels in visuals as well.
I just want to know why being "technologically advance" automatically makes Crysis boring and generic?
The gameplay is 100x better than COD, which I'm sure gazgriff2k12 plays.

I just want to know, who wrote Crysis before Crytek?
Who made gameplay based on nanosuit abilities before Crytek?

I feel like all these people who call Crysis generic and boring are either jealous of PC owners, or got to play the console version which, in my opinion, is not the same game. (I stopped playing C3 on PS3 beccause of input lag, ~30fps, and jaggies galore.

OT: The Last of Us, while not the most superior game graphically, does look great. Besides, after those gameplay videos that were released recently, I feel the graphics are just a bonus to the unique elements this game brings forward.
#29.1.3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
DivineAssault  +   964d ago
wow this is petty.. Lets see what the grass looks like on PS4 if Last of Us 2 is ever made.. Then put it against these PC pics
landog  +   964d ago
ps4 will never get close to crysis 3 on pc....console gamers need to give up even thinking ps4/nextbox will be close to pc

the specs alone are 2010 at best
DivineAssault  +   964d ago
Keep thinking that.. When u see that system a yr or two in & games are optimized to use all its strengths, it will look much better than this.. Not every PC gamer has a machine equipped with everything inside PS4.. Its custom built to perform better many PCs out there
#30.1.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
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