Company of Heroes 2 - Gameplay Videos From Its Closed Beta Phase

DSOGaming writes: "As you may already know, the closed beta phase of Company of Heroes 2 has been launched. And since we know that a lot of you want to get a taste of what Relic’s upcoming strategy has to offer, we’re presenting you below some gameplay videos from it."

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ATi_Elite1654d ago

So looking forward to this and Total War Rome 2 to get my RTS fix

jimbobwahey1654d ago

I wouldn't if I was you. Relic are utterly incapable of putting out an RTS that isn't horrifically unbalanced. COH2 will be no different.

bumnut1654d ago

COH was a good game, I just hope that resources are gained more quickly this time round.

pissed9991654d ago

Company Of Heroes 1.5.
Rome II smoke this shit.


I still love the 1st coh so I can't crap on the 2nd till I play it.

Elwenil1654d ago

It looks great though it has a bit of that cartoon-ish look to it that some indie games have that I don't really care for. I couldn't understand anything they guy playing said but I can tell he is not a big RTS player, lol. It was almost painful to watch, lol.

HeroLv91654d ago

man i miss playing RTS games...... i don't have a capable computer to play games like COH, SCII, Shogun/Rome total war! =(