FuturLab: Sony Has Had Its Passions Stoked to Blast Furnace Temperature

Push Square: "We apologise for continually bleating on about it, but Sony has changed. There’s a marked adjustment in attitude exuding the company that was once deemed anachronistic and arrogant, and that bodes well for the PlayStation 4 as last week’s Games Developers Conference proved. The firm’s positive treatment of indie studios evidences just how far it’s come since the PlayStation 3’s turbulent launch, and Velocity developer FuturLab believes that it’s down to a reignited passion running throughout the firm."

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TheTwelve1875d ago

Nothing better than a humble champion.

cyberninja1875d ago

I was going to comment earlier, but my internet was down.

Reborn1875d ago

I think Sony have stepped up for the PS4, and that is welcomed across the board.

Good job Kaz.

stuntman_mike1875d ago

we might even get humble bundles on PS4.

Heisenburger1875d ago

Now that's some grade-a marketing potential....

Humble bundles..... I'd buy it.

KwietStorm1875d ago

That's funny, but I can't say it's not a possibility either. It's obviously focused on indie games, and it's obviously been a huge success on Android. With all of the focus Sony has been putting on the indie scene, this could happen down the line, or maybe when the catalog is large enough, they would actually allow PlayStation Plus members to pick n choose a handful of indies as a special promotion.

HammadTheBeast1875d ago

I'd say PS+ is one pretty bad ass humble bundle.


Guys, im tellin' ya Sony has been on fire with its fanbase since the announcement of the ps4. I have spoken with so many gamers now, spanning from my pals to managers of retail chains and the excitement is pretty unanimous. while a lot of people are excited to just see a new console, people who follow along more thouroughly are becoming more and more stoked from all the little things sony has been doing that no ones been noticing.
I know a gamestop manager who has been with the company for more than 10 years now. never been much of a playstation guy himself, but since the announcement of the ps4 he has been all praises. Why? because the man informed me that sony has actually gone out of their way to ask gamestop what kind of trade offers theyll have for the ps3 when the ps4 is availible for preorder. This is important because my buddy mentioned that NO OTHER COMPANY has ever actually woked with a third party Co. like gamestop to figure out trade offers. also, im sure youve all already seen the article which indicates sony has simplified their green-lighting process in order to give smaller devs an easier time with development.
see ladies and gents, the key here is FLEXIBILITY. people are becoming excited to see sony unvail because of all the cool new things were hearing about every other day. theyre open to ideas and gamers are open to giving their ideas. under a system like that, everybodies happy. it would seem as if sony is trying to return to the route of honesty and hard work. while rummors wirl around the internet about other companies banning used game usage, needing constant internet connections, a consumer cant help but feel jaded about supporting all these money-hungry giants who are just out for their own paychecks. sony however, is finally asking gamers what they want out of a system, hoping that giving people what they ask for will bring them to the top- NOT SCREWING THE CONSUMER OUT OF EVERY DIME THEY POSSIBLY CAN.

Nathaniel_Drake1875d ago

I do agree with everything you said but Sony is a business and they need money it's just the balance of monetary influx not killing the gaming side. You can easily become one of those money hungry companies. It reminds of the Jedi's in Star Wars, it is very easy to go to the dark side and hard to come back from it.

Sony is doing a great job of doing this like you said. MS had it but faltered in the mid of the 360 and fired all the gaming producers and stuck business and non-gaming people, now see how that turned out. It seems they are chasing the money only. Could have had 3 good companies going at it like the times Sony, Nintendo, and Sega did but it seems that might not be the case. Hopefully MS takes Sony's cue with their announcement of 720

clintos591875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Sony may have been arrogant in the launch of the ps3 but their consistency delivering so many quality exclusive games shows their dedication to gamers.

U cant really say the same for microsoft. They already have succeeded in what they wanted to accomplish with the 360 & the lack of support for it shows in its lackluster lineup of new exclusives in the last 3/4 years. This just shows they will save money & bank on 3rd party games to keep their fanbase happy.

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