Sony Santa Monica: God Of War Ascension’s Multiplayer Needed A Closer Look From Critics

Compared to its single player component , Ascension’s multiplayer received a lukewarm reception from most but Sony Santa Monica believes that Ascension’s online option deserved a closer look.

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dedicatedtogamers1875d ago

This here, folks, is the problem with modern publishers. They insist on taking a known IP and slapping on extra ideas. Now, please don't misunderstand: GoW:Ascension's multiplayer is SICK! I think it's really cool. I'm not saying the multiplayer itself is bad. What I'm saying is that GoW has always been known for epic, single-player campaigns. Adding in multiplayer was pointless. They should have made a brand-new IP that had the same gameplay.

People might say "that's more risky", but it's just as risky to add an unexpected multiplayer mode to a game that is known for single-player. Assassins' Creed, Dead Space, and Bioshock 2 all had multiplayer modes that were largely ignored because those games aren't known for it.

fsfsxii1875d ago

Why was it pointless?? If its great then why its pointless?

NewMonday1875d ago

MP didn't help them at all in sales, wasted budget and marketing focus,the SP story was the worst in all GOW games.

Blaze9291875d ago

I see what you mean. The multiplayer beta was cool but as a long time God of War fan, I already knew my enjoyment would be in the single player, not the MP.

Hell, ever since I got the game I never even once booted up the multiplayer :-/

Omar911875d ago

You never tried the multiplayer? Well what are you waiting for? How do you not at least try it? I'm telling you you wont regret it. The online is extremely fun. i was like you before I bought the game. I told myself I wouldnt even bother with the online. I tried it once to see what it was all about and was instantly hooked. Great action, great gore, fun modes to play. Its something different and I never expected myself to enjoy this at all.

Nykamari1875d ago

Blaze I did the same thing, just started the mp and fell in love with it. Find a friend and play 2v2 for a few levels and watch you will enjoy it!

majiebeast1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Because i think all those 3 games had tagged on multiplayer especially Bioshock 2 im glad Ken just said f**k it and released Infinite without. GoW is a whole different story, it was the first thing they showed as gameplay, so it wasnt some last minute edition and it shows just like Uncharted 2.

Santa Monica is at work on a new IP, this has been known for awhile the team is being led by Stig Asmussen(God of war 3 director). I think this is a test run to see if they can do multiplayer. What better way then putting it into a already established single player franchise, that will sell on that and people will see this as a nice bonus.

jimbobwahey1875d ago

I think that they would have done best to focus on cooperative multiplayer and really flesh that out, rather than trying to do both that and competitive.

God of War is the type of game where a co-op survival mode or whatever would be perfect, but competitive just doesn't really work, in my opinion.

Still, kudos to them for trying it out either ways.

NewMonday1875d ago

that is the thing that can work, co-op like modern Golden Ax.

dedicatedtogamers1875d ago

@ replyers

I just want to make sure you know that I thought the Ascension multiplayer was really fun and it's clear the developers spent a lot of time and effort on it. But that wasn't my point. My point is that devs often shoehorn in multiplayer when it's not needed, or as jimbobwahey pointed out, perhaps they should have fleshed out the co-op and not worried about competitive multiplayer.

ATi_Elite1875d ago

I agree

SP games seem to take a hit when Devs start slapping on MP modes.

AC, DS, Bshock all kinda went to hell when MP mode was introduced.

Riderz13371875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Your logic is so flawed. You claim that the multiplayer is "sick" and think "it's really cool" and yet you go on to say that it "was pointless" in the exact same paragraph. Can you make up your mind?

dedicatedtogamers1875d ago

Take a breath. Relax.

If you'd look closer, what I said was adding in multiplayer to GoW:Ascension was pointless. They could have transplanted all of that exact same gameplay and functionality into a brand-new game or even a brand-new IP instead of piggy-backing on a God of War game, a franchise that has never been known for MP.

GraveLord1875d ago

We are in a time where it is getting increasingly hard to waste $60 on a pure single-player experience. I think the addition of MP on Ascension was the right idea and this was a prequel anyway, it was bound to be torn apart by critics. It was the perfect game to introduce the MP.

After some bug fixes, patches and some DLC, this MP mode will be ready to stand on its own.

I can tell you that without the MP mode, I would have been VERY disappointed with this game. MP is what saved it, not the other way around.

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b_one1875d ago

Critics must: 1. take a rest... 2. start play games they review.

BanBrother1875d ago

Some reviews are disgusting. I have seen some reviews where the reviewer admitted they haven't fully completed the game, yet still have the gall to hand out a score. To me, games are an absolute joy, a great hobby. A lot of reviewers see them as a chore and just their job.
Going to sleep, tired.

b_one1875d ago

some of them should change thier job

MrUndrhill1875d ago

Yeah I completely agree. You can tell a lot of games are just rushed through and a cursory score is given out. I think most reviews miss a lot of the nuances in the current generation of games, because there is just so much product out there and there is a lot of pressure to bang out review in a timely fashion.

Jek_Porkins1875d ago

Their isn't a problem with the multiplayer on Ascension, but it is largely forgettable and will probably be pretty dry in a couple of months.

It's the same way with online aspects from games like Tomb Raider, Mass Effect and Assassins Creed, there is nothing wrong with them per say, but those games will never have the thriving community of a COD, Battlefield or Halo.

raztad1875d ago

All of them are FPSes so I would like something different. GowA multi might be it. Hope it gets a decent community.

Jek_Porkins1875d ago

I was just using the large communities as an example, just a coincidence that they are all FPS games, I have found that the shooters have the larger, more active communities that tend to stick around longer for games.

I didn't knock the God Of War multiplayer aspect, but it just isn't something super special that people will still around for 6 months down the road.

VsAssassin1875d ago

Trust me, Ascensions multiplayer is a blast. One gripe I have about it is the limited maps. they could realy expand on this in their next game with more verticality and environmental interaction.

Reborn1875d ago

It's good fun. This was a good game to test it on. Since I think they'll probably put the next GOW on PS4. So it's a good test phase. It wasn't slapped on, it was clear that a lot of work went into it. Their constantly responding to feedback, and deploying fixes.

Sure, its not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm not sure they even thought of a community as big as COD/BF/Halo, but nonetheless, it's enjoyable. I hope it grows, and gets better.

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